Some of the Services of Mississauga House Painters and Carpenters

Mississauga House Painters and Carpenters Mississauga house painters initially started painting back in 1979 but quickly moved into certain aspects of home improvement. We not only do condo painting/house painting which is the main part of our business we also do drywall repairs which are very closely related to painting. Stucco ceiling repairs are also […]

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House Cleaners

House Cleaners Source: Painterati’s Tip of The Week: How to Clean Your Walls – Part 2 | Painterati When house cleaners can't get the job done anymore, your rooms still look tired and boring it might be time to consider painting your home. House painters and painting have a great secondary effect on your home […]

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Handyman Services in Mississauga

Mississauga handyman started as a house painting service back in the early-1970s, working Toronto and Mississauga areas. In this time we were performing mostly commercial and industrial work with the occasional residential painting work. We have painted for high-end homebuilders (custom-built homes) for downtown residential building projects. This is where we learned the high degree […]

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Mississauga painters-interior house painting estimate calculator for homeowners

Interior House Painting Estimate Calculator,  for the right painting estimate Mississauga Handyman is a professional house painting company since 1979. We know how to paint. You are going to pay for a high-quality paint job using the best quality paints applied by experienced professional house painters. We have been decorating residential and commercial properties for […]

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Painters and Carpenters

Expert House Painter in Mississauga Our mississauga handyman services include a variety of things, we are a Mississauga house painter and condo painter handling a variety of different  types of painting projects, our biggest selling service is condo painting where we can come in and paint your condo in one day (depending on the size […]

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Choosing Indoor Painters For Your Home Interior Decoration Task

Tips to find the right interior painter Now one of things you'll need to consider would be your interior painter. If you want obtain the results that you desire, then you need to invest for such expert services. Don't forget that this is very a fragile task. If the job will wind up as a […]

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Building Maintenance

I had a building superintendent call us this week asking us to look into repairing a walkway ceiling. Between two buildings outside. This was a texture ceiling approximate 20' x 30' and approximately about 8 feet high. Since this was a canopy type walkway it had a roof on which was a flat roof and […]

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Floor Staining

Get Your Floor Staining Project Done Right The First Time Mississauga Handyman recently did a small renovation work where an opening was made between the kitchen and dining/living room area, which made the space quite a bit larger and more open. Where the existing wall was between the kitchen and living room there has to […]

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Mississauga painters at square one

Square One trusted condo painter Besides doing deck building and repairs in the summer months we are seasoned experts at interior house painting mostly condo painting in hundreds of different condos in the Square One area in Mississauga. On occasion we have been invited in on a single request for fixing kitchen cupboard door hinges […]

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How to: door repair

Door Repair This customer took an old door from a salvage yard or even possibly from a yard sale to replace the existing broken door. The door was the same shape and style and size except it had different change positions and doorlock holes. Other than for the hardware the door was identical to the […]

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