5 Helpful Painting Tips To Paint Like A Pro

Painting tips you need to know

Painting tips
Painting suggestions

If you are getting ready to freshen up or add some color to the walls in your home, check out these 5 helpful painting tips to paint like a pro.

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Mississauga painters suggest painting  Advice, everyone should at least check up on painting suggestions on how to go about doing some painting in your home. Don’t you start painting without at least getting some idea of the various aspects?

Painting the room starts with

Let’s talk about some tools you’ll need for your interior painting. You will need a 5- gallon bucket to batch your paint in to make sure that you don’t have a miss-match between gallons of paint putting them in one bucket to make sure that everything is the same color. You will need drop cloths and painters tape and possibly some plastic sheets to cover the furniture. And of course, for sure you will need a paint roller sometimes called roller covers. Most probably you will be painting with latex paint which is water-based so the paint dry quickly.

Choosing paint colors

You have to consider the color choices you have and where you want to paint. Then you have to get the area ready by doing wall repairs or preparations and make sure that everything is covered to protect the floors.

How to paint a room nicely and easily

Finally, you have to apply some good techniques for your brushwork. The first thing one does when painting a room is to make sure that all the walls are in good condition. This means that there should be no damages on the walls and if there are they should be taken care of first with plaster or sanding or both. It is easy to inspect the wall.

Wall repairs

Just stand in front of the wall and section by section carefully look at it making sure you have not missed any holes or cracks or dents. Dents would be the hardest ones to identify because they are not so easily seen. Sometimes it is helpful to use a trouble light to shine the light on the wall on an angle to be able to identify any irregularities in the wall.


What to do with wall repairs?


Once you plastered all that needs to be plastered you have to make sure it is smooth to the rest of the wall. Usually two coats of plaster will repair most damages on the wall. The plaster has to be sanded smooth with sandpaper grit of no more than 80 grit at the coarsest but probably 100 grit would be better. When you’re drywall there has been sanded smooth next you must prime it and let it and let it thoroughly dry for a few hours so that the plaster repair doesn’t show up to the paint job. This is very important make sure that the primer is dry.


Now it is time to paint


Okay now, all your walls are ready for painting to make sure you sanded everything properly so there are no dust bunnies on the wall. Mississauga painters always start off by doing all the wall trimming first with a paintbrush. We go around all the walls and ceilings and door frames and window frames and baseboards with the brush. Professional painters who paint for a living use high-quality paintbrushes to ensure accuracy and speed performance. Even if you’re not looking for speed you will have an accuracy which is necessary to be able to paint a straight and accurate line. We usually use either Corona paintbrushes or Purdy paintbrushes. These are the best you can buy at the box stores such as Home Depot paintbrush or Lowe’s paint tools.

Tips on how to use your paintbrush

Painting with a brush does require some experience to be able to handle it readily. When you’re not used to painting with the brush make sure that you do not paint with so much material that it sags down as you move across the wall so make sure that you always pull the bottom of the brushwork to ensure that you don’t leave any paint drips. The accuracy of the brushwork at the top should be clean and up against but not hitting the ceiling. This is probably what most people have a problem in a straight line. Quick professional hint, do not concentrate so much that it slows you down as you or drawing the brush in a straight line. This causes the line to wobble. Try to do it as quickly as possible.






and your older work on the wall. Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry have been in this business since 1979 and this is the reason why we can offer good value for your interior house painting projects. We follow all of the best practices. We are very well practiced at preparation work ensuring that all your walls and trim are in good condition before painting. We ensure that all your furniture and floors are covered and finally we make sure that the paint job you get will be flawless and this is why we can offer good painting tips.

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