Amazing Painting Ideas, Ideas To Paint For Bed Room/Living Room/Family Rooms in Your House

 Painting Ideas You Can Use Next Time You Paint Your Home

Ideas to Paint your bedroom

of course, this is a matter of personal preference and taste in color and design and of course not mentioning budget. If you’re planning to redecorate your entire bedroom from top to bottom, picking new accessories to add to the decor of the bedroom it’s a good idea to get small samples or at least trying to find the exact color of the item which you will be placing into the bedroom. This will enable you to properly color coordinate the room. We are talking aesthetics here just the way the room looks not the quality and type of materials you are using which is another story. If you are in love with a particular color and you want to use that as your base color for your bedroom you must start from there. Once your base color is set you will have to take all your accessories and color match the bedroom color.

Bedroom painting and elegant color

As you can see in the picture the entire scheme of shades is already to each other. It becomes a little bit more tricky to complement with the appropriate color all the furnishings such as the drapes and the headboard on the bed. Myself personally I like mellow type pastel colors that blend nicely with each other.

Additional painting ideas for other types of rooms.

If you have a room such as a living room or a family room you might consider a basic standard color for three walls and the fourth wall: a feature wall can be painted a totally different shade or color. Obviously you want to paint the wall to color that you enjoy. A lot of homeowners have their future wall painted in a dark color such as block for example if they are displaying a TV set on I wall. The black color gives the TV depth and also eliminates any distractions.

Painting ideas for trim work

This is also a place that you can improve upon by not going with the standard white trim on your doors and windows and baseboards but instead going with a tinted color possibly a percentage of what is already on the walls or go to a completely different color that will match the paint on the wall. Another good idea that some people have is to paint the trim white for example and paint the door the same as the wall. This definitely changes the nature of the looks of the rooms. If you have insignificant baseboards in the room and you don’t want to highlight them then you might want to paint the baseboards and the wall of the same material so you don’t emphasize the baseboards.

Painting the ceiling.

Here to both the time we paid a small percentage of the wall color on the ceiling so if you have a wall that is, for example, a specific tint of color you might consider going to 10 or 20% of that color on your ceiling. This gives it an elegant look and still maintaining a white ceiling.

 Painting ideas for the bedroom
Painting Ideas for that classy look

No regrets, guaranteed.

Source: 25 Amazing Paint Color Ideas for Every Spot in Your House

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