Bamboo Floors: What Floor Type to Choose?

Bamboo flooring

was recently installed for one of our customers. It was black in color and had a velvet finish to it. It was a very beautiful semi –hardwood flooring but it needs some special attention while installing it. Great care has to be taken not to get glue on the finished side of the flooring. If you over apply glue to any part of the seams the glue will seep out between the joints causing a glue stain which is extremely hard to remove wet or dry.

Bamboo Floors: What Floor Type to Choose?

Hardwood floor installation

Bamboo Floors: What Floor Type to Choose?

does not require too many tools but the tools it does require has to be quality. We did not use that many tools in installing this semi “hardwood floor. For the basic laying of the floor we use a tape measure, compound miter saw, a soft blow hammer, pencil, X-Acto knife and a glue dispenser to accurately squeeze the glue exactly where it should be put. And of course a moist rag to wipe up any excess glue that might get on the hardwood.

One upside of using bamboo flooring is the renew-ability of bamboo as a resource. It is comparable to many hard woods, such as maple, but grows in a fraction of a time. It could take over 100 years for a hard wood tree to mature to the point where it can be used as flooring. Over time this can take a huge toll on forests around the wood. Bamboo, being a grass, readily regrows and matures in roughly 4 years. If you're looking for different types of flooring and you want to research some more into what the best type could be for your different rooms, look into flooring services such as and more to compare styles and prices.

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We also do wood deck building and repairs which is our summer carpentry specialty. We can bring your wood deck back to life and restore its beauty and even modify it if needs it. this last winter and a lot of damages have occurred to decks making them unsafe in some instances. When it comes to hardwood flooring you need to maintain it regularly so that damage to it is limited and the quality of it lasts longer. There are numerous ways you can do this, from regular sweeping to weekly use of the best hardwood floor mop to keep it in the best condition.

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