Home Tool Kit Essentials That Every Home Owner Should Have

Home Tool Kit Essentials with Pictures That you can use at home

Carpentry power tools for your home tool kit essentials come in a large variety of makes and models. Power tools have become better designed to suit its requirements. There is one tool that almost everyone has that is a drill Drills vary in price and quality a lot. You can either get a corded drill or a cordless drill (battery operated). Battery-operated power tools these days are more common now because of the new technology for batteries. It used to be that the cordless power tool had insufficient power and longevity. Not that long ago you couldn’t drill too many holes on one battery but now you can drill as many as a few hundred holes on one battery charge. And if you have a second battery and charger in place you can work nonstop basically. These days the battery and battery chargers charge very quickly and some claim that their battery charger will charge 80% of the battery 15 minutes. Lithium-ion batteries don’t have a memory so you can discharge and charge at lesser than full capacity, without ruining the battery. I use three different types of drills from different manufacturers. My home tool kit essentials number one drill is my Festool which uses the latest battery technologies. This drill can work hard all day with no downtime for battery charging. As soon as my drill stops, I removed the battery and exchange it to the charger.
Home Tool Kit essentials Carpentry power tools
Number 1 home tool kit essentials is a drill for carpentry power tools “Mikita”

basic carpentry tools and their uses with pictures
basic carpentry tools and their uses with pictures High-efficiency drill for drilling big holes in wood.
The same goes for my Mikita power tools:
  • Cordless Reciprocating Saw (BJR182Z)
  • 6-1/2″ Cordless Circular Saw (BSS611Z)
  • Cordless Jigsaw (BJV180Z)
There are hundreds of power tools basic carpentry tools and their uses with pictures made to suit all different types of carpentry needs and these are specialized tools dedicated to doing a certain aspect of carpentry. The tools I mentioned above are the bare essentials in power tools. Depending on what type of carpentry work you want to do you will also need a compound miter saw. You have to consider the dimensions of the lumber that you will mostly be working with. If you are coming mostly items such as baseboards and door trim casing’s and window trim casings and small shelves you can use a small compound: 7-1/2″ Dual Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Model No: LS0714 I use this saw a lot. We have installed thousands of feet of baseboard and flooring with this saw. This all comes handy with a dust collector that is better than a bag system.
 Cordless circular saw
Cordless circular saw
 Mikita cordless jigsaw
Mikita cordless jigsaw
 Small compound miter saw
Great little saw!


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