Basic Ideas and Tips for House Painters

What do you get from observing professional house painters? You will get a drift on how they work, not only with how they cover different kinds of surfaces with paint in an efficient manner, but also with the ways that they clean up all the mess after.

Tips on House painting
Different types of surfaces that can be painted.


If you are planning to do your own painting job at home without paying for the services of house painters, you have to know not only about how to do the task right but also how to make sure that the result is going to be neat and tidy.


Here are some of the techniques that are applied by house painters to ensure an outcome that looks clean and really done by professionals.


1. Aside from the paint on the nearby areas and fixtures that you might need to remove, you should also be ready about what to do if you accidentally splatter paint on fabric, such as your clothes, curtains or pillow cases. The best thing to do in this kind of problem is to allow the paint to dry because it will be easier to remove it this way. If you will insist on wiping off the paint while it is still not dry, it will only spread and might be impossible to remove.


After the paint has dried on the fabric, you have to soak it in warm water. Scrape off the paint using a small brush in a gentle manner.


You can also use rubbing alcohol to help loosen the paint from the fabric. You simply need to blot the affected area with alcohol and add some more until the paint has come off. Once the stain is gone, you can wash the fabric to remove the remains of the paint.


2. The masking tape that you have applied to the edges of doors, windows and carpet, must be removed once the paint is completely dry. Do not be in such haste in removing the tape. You have to go slow and careful. If you notice any drips on the window panes or at the knobs on the door, scrape these off using a razor blade. Any accidental splatter of paint on certain fixtures can be removed using a damp cloth.

3. When you are done with the task, clean all your tools, especially the paint brushes and rollers. This way, you can keep the tools and use these again in the future.


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