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Mississauga handyman painting company prefers to use paints from  Benjamin Moore Paint

We have been a painting contractor in Mississauga for over 30 years almost exclusively using Benjamin Moore Canada paints.
What we like about the Benjamin Moore paint is that the colors are consistent meaning that if you paint a wall or paint a piece of trim or door and want to paint it later on down the road all you have to do is get that color code the paint was bought with and you can have a perfect matching touchup.

Benjamin Moore Canada paints are a little on the high side but not as bad as you might think. If you buy for example a can of topline Home Depot Behr paint you won't be paying far less for it, it is also expensive. But it is not proportionally speaking as good. When you are buying this type of paint from a store that specializes in everything from Frigidaire's to drywall to toilets what can you expect they can't be perfect in everything.

Applying Benjamin Moore paint from a painting contractor's standpoint, they will find that it is more cost-effective in different ways.
The most important thing to look at when purchasing paint is the amount of paint that will be needed to finish the job. A low-quality thicker wall paint or even trim paint won't go as far because it goes on heavier and consumes more volume of paint per stroke. A lot of companies brag about their thick paint because of its hiding qualities. If the paint is not that good a quality but there's lots of it, it will obviously cover-up what's behind. But you are using a lot of paint to do this so it's not that cost-effective. Furthermore, it takes more energy and effort to paint a thick paint on the wall.
If you have ever tried doing brushwork by the ceiling with a thick paint you will discover that you cannot paint a perfectly clean and straight-line because you are contending with a thick mass of paint at the tip of your brush which will leave globs in your paint cut line.
Benjamin Moore's regal select is a fine and accurate grind of paint pigments additives and emulsion giving you a smooth paint deposit as the brush moves along. And you don't have to go back and forth making sure that it is covering. Generally, you go over your cutting edge twice at the same time, the first time you deposit the paint and the second time you pass over it again making an accurate brushwork and it is perfectly done.
When rolling the paint on the wall, you will find that it doesn't take as much effort because as the roller moves over the wall it quickly covers the wall with the color. As the paint dries it will flatten out leaving a roller mark-free surface. This is not to say that you can do a bad job and expect it to fix itself but if you are a relatively good painter this will make you look better. Since this paint is thinner it will go farther. When the paint is thin it does stretch farther also when the paint has better quality ingredients it will go farther because it covers better.

If you are looking to do feature wall painting and you want to paint with deep colors such as “red” or you want to paint something in the yellow tone then we suggest that you use "Benjamin Moore's Aura paint" this is their flagship paint that many painting contractors use when there are painting difficulties due to the color depth in certain paints. Some of the paints that don't work well in coverage/hiding our like I said red paint and orange paints and yellow paints. These for some reason do not cover well. And for that reason, you should use a tinted primer matching the finished color as close as possible. Moore makes some tint able primers that will save you material costs on your finish coat. If you attempt to paint red on a white wall you are looking at possibly painting that wall half a dozen times to get a deep true color. But if you use, a tinted primer you should be able to get this accomplished with 2 coats of paint from Benjamin Moore Canada.


 Another interesting issue is if you are having a problem with a paint and you need some expert to be able to help you with whatever this problem is you're more than likely not able to get Home Depot to come out and help you with it whereas when you buy Benjamin Moore paints the sales rep will come out and assess what is needed or locking or whatever.

If you would like to have a very nice job done on your home painting project please don't hesitate to give us a call and will be happy to do it for you at a good price and on time.



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