Benjamin Moore paint color and: How Benjamin Moore almost broke his promise

Benjamin Moore paint color choices

Benjamin Moore paint color

Benjamin Moore paint color, excellent choice

Turmoil roiled Benjamin Moore, a paint company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, after it decided to break a pledge Warren Buffett made to Moore's dealers. How did it happen—and how did the Oracle of Omaha respond? A case study in pluses (and occasional minuses) of being owned by Berkshire.


Looking for a Benjamin Moore Paint Color?

Benjamin Moore Canada parent company is owned by Warren Buffett of Brookshire Hathaway. It is a quality company making around $1 billion a year sales so this must indicate that paint this company makes must be good. It is good from our experience at Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry company. Our most preferred paint is Benjamin Moore's "regal select". It's very difficult to find the paint that covers better and applies smoother and is easier to work with.
When I compare other paints to Benjamin Moore Canada paints they fall far behind for many different reasons. Some don't hide well and need more coats of paint. Some paints are too thick and/or hard to work with, and some paints don't stick to the wall properly and start sagging requiring an additional going back and rerolling the wall. When you apply regal select and roll it smoothly onto the wall you will find that its property is to flatten out nicely creating a lustrous velvety finish.
so if you are interested in Benjamin Moore paint color and what it can do for you check it out.





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