Painting an Accent Wall

Painting accent walls is just the same as painting any ordinary wall. The major difference in painting an accent wall is actually choosing the correct color you want to use to offset your base color. This wall is going to be the center point that your eyes should focus to in the room or area […]

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Mississauga carpentry

Mississauga Carpentry     There are few cosmetic additions that can liven up a room like crown molding. Far too many people choose to leave the tops of the ceilings bare when they could be enjoying a visual and sophisticated treat that can help transform a drab room into a masterpiece.   The type of […]

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Decorating House Ideas

Quite often my Mississauga Handyman  customers are deliberating about what to do with their floors, and obviously a carpeting solution sometimes works the best. I have compiled some thoughts on home carpeting decisions and factors. Hopefully this can help you clarify your thoughts. Carpets, things to consider when you’re thinking about carpeting your home. You […]

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Deck Furniture Toronto

Mississauga handyman found this interesting article on deck furniture preparation: Time to Get Deck Furniture Ready for Fall We give you easy ways to protect all your outdoor furniture. Posted by Linda Merrill September 08, 2011   Joelk75/Flickr As we transition into September and life begins to move back indoors, we need to start thinking […]

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power tool reviews and comparisons

Power Tool Reviews and Comparisons

Power Tool Reviews and Comparisons by “Handyman in Mississauga” and “Deck repairs Toronto”Power Tool Reviews and ComparisonsPower tools are the most important part of any handyman’s arsenal. Most tools come in different shapes and sizes even though they do the same thing. So don’t get fooled by some high tech looking tool that still does […]

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Handyman of Mississauga

 Handyman of Mississauga as some call me. (Hollywood painting) can also help with home decor ideas giving you more from this existing room plan which might include a better storage area, more accessibility to different features, better lighting and warmer more comfortable living space. How to finish the basement is one of our specialties, these […]

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Additions add value to your home

Additions can add value to your home. There are different types of additions, the one where you imagine putting on some additional parts to the outside of a house creating more inner space. And the other form of additions is to convert a space in your existing home and add bedrooms or family rooms. You […]

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Best house painters in mississauga Plastering tips

fixing damaged drywall surface

Best House Painters in Mississauga Plastering TipsBest house painters in Mississauga also use includes the ability to do drywall repair, and we use the most professional up-to-date drywall patching compounds such as sheetrock 90 that you can find in the home improvement store Here’s a quick tip on drywall repair, always make sure that you […]

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Laying wood flooring

Laying wood flooring, Floors play a double roll your home’s decor. The supports the ambience and carry the traffic. The use of each room suggests that type of flooring, setting the looks of the room and being able to handle the traffic’s. There are two types of flooring materials which are: harder materials such as […]

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Painters in Toronto Coming from Mississauga

Mississauga handyman also serves Toronto Ontario residents.Sometimes you’re looking for a painters in Toronto in the West End of Toronto such as Etobicoke or Rexdale which is on the border of Toronto and Mississauga. Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry will serve this area as well.Our painting service covers an area of approximately up to about […]

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