Mississauga handyman headquarters at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. People looking for stackashelf products can have custom built items of the same nature built to their specifications. Even though stackashelf is modular, it still might not fit the application exactly the way you want it to. The shelf might be too high or the shelf might be […]

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IKEA furniture assembly

Image via Wikipedia Have you ever bought a piece of IKEA furniture where you are having a problem assembling it. You don’t quite understand the diagrams and instructions, you’re looking at it. You’re seeing it but it just doesn’t make sense. Assembling this furniture requires a couple different things, the more you assemble this furniture […]

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Installing interior doors

Installing interior doors might sound a little bit difficult and it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. After you have established which way your door will swing you can go out and purchase the appropriate door from your local building center. All you have to make sure of is you get the […]

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Cutting Crown molding

There are different ways for cutting, holding. If you don’t have a big project that you only have a few cuts to make it’s not worth it to get an electric compound miter saw. A good quality manual miter box will do. You can purchase these from your local homebuilding center such as Home Depot […]

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Spray. Painting Pointers

If you consider spray painting anything around your home, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you didn’t waste your time and money. Is important to make sure that your spray painted surface has cured and dried before you spray the next coat on. I generally like to […]

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Spray Painting or Brush and Roller Painting

Both ways of painting are good to use in their own way. If you’re looking to do a job quicker and you are not too concerned about overspray, then you might be interested in spray painting. Sometimes spray painting is the only way that you could do the paint job quickly and efficiently. As you […]

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Ceiling Fix After plumbing leak

Many people after they have a water leak from above are looking for a ceiling fix. We get lots of calls from people who have drywall damage because of some water leaking in from above. A person called me this morning that wanted to get the ceiling repaired because of some water damage. It’s good […]

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House Painting Using Aura Paint

Recently we were invited to do a paint job on a condo where the customer had specified using aura paint by Benjamin Moore. Now everyone thinks that when you buy the most expensive paint made by Benjamin Moore you would think you would get a absolute perfect paint in all ways. You would expect the […]

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