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Looking for Custom-made Shelving and storage, bookcase ?

is probably one of the most common home furnishings in almost everyone's home. There are portable bookcases ( book shelfs and storage ) that you can move around the room and put them and situate them in the most appropriate spot for both aesthetics and ease of use and practicality. Sometimes these movable bookcases don't suit your needs and you need more work space. Sometimes you may just need more storage space as well and may be in need of a storage unit winnipeg, which is easily accessible, has lots of room, and is safe and secure. However, if a storage unit is not right for you then you can check out a custom made bookshelf...

Custom-made bookshelves might be what you're looking for. You can custom design this bookshelf to fit the looks of your room. Bookshelves are not only for books, you can also place all kinds of other articles on the shelves such as decorative things like vase's and candles, statuettes, containers and ornamental boxes and so on.

Here is a quick and easy video on making your own bookshelves if you feel you have the tools and ability to do this. It is a very quick and easy way to make a very basic bookshelf.

BBookshelves can be custom-made to be adjustable to fit different types of objects, the shelves can be supported by pins or dowels or hidden brackets. The wood can be either painted or stained and varnished. Depending on your design and your needs this bookshelf can be a single row or a series combination of rows basically creating a wall unit.

Bookshelves can be constructed from top-quality Baltic Birch plywood's or oak veneered plywood's in combination with solid wood. The units can either be assembled permanently as one unit or it can be constructed so as to be able to assemble using pocket screws and mortise and tenons Joints. This is also quite a sturdy construction but with the ability to disassemble.

 wall-mounted shelving

Standard basic shelving for wall mount
 bookshelves,shelving and storage

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Shelving and Storage
Can also be installed in other areas where there is a shortage of space or need for better organization and less mess and clutter. We also build custom shelving for garages, laundry rooms and additional kitchen or bathroom shelving

If you are interested in a custom-made corner bookcase, shelving and storage

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