Broken door repairs

Fixing Broken Door Repairs

 door repair by Mississauga handyman

going over some of my notes this morning I discovered a job that was done last year on broken door repairs, on the doorjamb for customer early in the morning. Mississauga handyman not only fixes and replaces broken doors but also does any type of interior trim upgrades such as baseboards and window casings and remove and replace doors and frames. A lot of our handyman painting and carpentry customers inquire about having their interior doors fixed or replaced. Sometimes it’s because they want to upgrade the trim work in their home and sometimes is just simply a matter of repairs. In this case the customer had an attempted break-in where the door was kicked in. When doors get kicked in there could be a variable amount of damage happened. The doorknob and surrounding area can be broken on the door itself. The striker plate side of the door casing could be cracked broken or torn away damaging not only the casing but the doorjamb. In some cases when the door gets kicked in it does minimal amount of damage that can be repaired on the spot even though it does look good.

Door Repairs

Door in this case had a minor amount of damage which was just one little dent around the doorknob. When the door was kicked it was kicked in a place that was well reinforced and would not dent easy. So the part that gave way for the door to open was the broken doorframe/casing. And since the striker bolt was not too deep into the doorjamb it didn’t do too much damage when the door was forced open. This allowed all the broken pieces which actually were not broken it just simply split open to allow wood glue (exterior glue) to be applied into the cracks. Then the jam was compressed with clamps until it dried. For additional strength number six wood screws were screwed into the edge of the doorjamb to secure the cracked areas around the striker plate hole. Once the screws were applied the clamp could come off the doorjamb. Luckily there was a spare piece of door casing in the garage that we used to finish off and complete the door repair.

Install A New Door

If the homeowner wants to replace the entire door and casing to upgrade the interior trim work of a home they can buy from Home Depot prehung doors. Also you can buy a prehung exterior door. Installing prehung exterior doors sometimes requires additional work because in some homes at the time of construction the carpenter didn’t make a proper 2X 4 opening for the door rough- in for the door to be shimmed and aligned. This means that a subframe has to be made for the door to be attached to. Some of our other services we offer: • House Painters • Condo Painters • Stucco Ceiling and Drywall Repairs • Stucco Ceiling Removal • Interior Carpenters • Remove and Replace Baseboards, Window Casings • Install Doors and Door Frames, Prehung Doors • Custom Shelving • Custom Closet, Walk-In Closet • Install Crown Molding • Plastering • New Drywall • Deck Builder New Wood Deck • Power Wash Decks • Repair Decks, Rotten Board Replacement, Wobbly Railings, Loose Steps • Commercial Painting • Office Painting

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