Building Maintenance

I had a building superintendent call us this week asking us to look into repairing a walkway ceiling. Between two buildings outside.

This was a texture ceiling approximate 20′ x 30′ and approximately about 8 feet high. Since this was a canopy type walkway it had a roof on which was a flat roof and it sprung a leak. The leak had seeps through the ceiling under and had loosened the stucco textured Gyprock the gyprock was falling apart and down creating large holes in the ceiling. And the other sections of ceiling that were hit by dampness also started losing stucco off the drywall board.

The whole ceiling is a peeling mess with places where you could tell that the gyprock was start a separate from the ceiling creating a hump or a bubble. You know when you see such a thing like this that when you start scraping to clean off the peeling paint you’ll end up breaking into the gyprock (drywall).

Since the owner is looking at the just the evident damage he is not judging the amount of work involved to completely restore the ceiling properly. Since there are not many places that the gyprock has literally fallen out he is assumed that the rest the ceiling is intact. But in fact we know that if we start working/scraping on the ceiling we will discover many loose places of drywall and if we continue on scraping and cleaning properly will end up breaking in and breaking off chunks of drywall.

If there were a series of smaller sized divots here and there it would be easy to just simply take some plaster cement to repair them but if the areas which have bellied out, off there could be areas larger than 2 ft.² cement plaster repair. These areas would require in this particular circumstance a water resistant cement board to prevent any further degradation in a later date.

In this covered walkway since it is not directly affected by rain it is not as critical to use cementitious materials mostly. We use a durabond 90 for our joint compound which is not water-soluble and won’t start and won’t start loosening when it gets wet.

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