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carpentry and drywall repair
Looking For Drywall Repair Service In Mississauga There are many reasons to call Mississauga Handyman for drywall repair.
Water damage is the biggest culprit. Just recently we were called in to do a repair in a basement where water had flowed down the pipes and collected in a corner of a bulkhead and went along the studs and bridges inside the bulkhead framework. The water had washed out the aggregate in the drywall making it soft and crumbly and also made a belly in the flat part of the drywall. This all has to be cut out and cleaned up. Then some fresh drywall had to be cut to size and placed into the original spot that the old drywall was in. Afterward, everything out to be screwed back into place with drywall screws and then plastered over with sheetrock 90 which is a quick-drying dry plaster compound. You mix up a pail of this and you can use it for one hour before it starts setting. That is enough time to plaster whatever you need on the bulkhead. Afterward about three hours it is ready to sand for another coat. If one is a good plaster man probably the two coats will do the job but if not he will have to be put on as a skim coat to finish the job off for paint ready.
Wallboard restoration in Mississauga is one of our specialties. If for example, you need someone to repair all the drywall in your home because of drywall cracks and drywall holes from picture frames. And possibly even if someone put a doorknob through the wall, we can repair these types of holes with drywall restoration kit perfectly. Sometimes the drywall on the ceiling has to be repaired also. Many times people have ceiling damages caused by overflowing bathtubs, leaky pipes, leaky plumbing or overflowed toilets. Water leaks from above can do these types of drywall damages.
We can come out and fix and plaster the drywall or even in worse cases we can replace the drywall. After replacing the drywall we can foster the drywall to a smooth surface and then prime the drywall plaster and finally re-stucco spray ceiling to blend into the rest of the stucco ceiling. Stucco ceiling repairs are one of our specialties also.
Give us a call (416) 568-3547 if you’re unsure of your ability to do any drywall repairs in your home. Rest assured our work is perfect and done quickly and professionally. Email:

Carpentry and drywall repair

Carpentry and drywall repair

Our Carpentry and Drywall Repair
 Over the years as houses get older and start to age there are couple different reasons why the homeowner would have the interior trim of their homes replaced or upgraded.
As we all know baseboards which are the bottom finish of the wall get a beating from everything from the vacuum cleaner through to the dog chewing on it. Years ago baseboards were not as pronounced as they are now. Back in the 70s, many homes were built with a 2-inch baseboard and rather plain-looking. Nowadays it is more common to have 3 1/4 inch or more high baseboards with more pronounced profiles. The same goes for the doors and door casings they become more contoured. Doors before used to be basically just flat slab doors but now they have recessed panel doors called colonial 800 series which is a very common subdivision type door.

Carpentry and drywall repair

Carpentry and drywall repair

A Part of Our Carpentry And Drywall Repair

Most probably the biggest cause of drywall repairs is water damage/leak on the ceiling from something above. One of the biggest culprits is the overflowed toilet. What toilet overflows it doesn't mean that it's going to be leaking directly through the ceiling at the point of the toilet it might mean that the water goes along the ceiling inside floor joists to the lowest spot where it finally drops down, to create ceiling damage. So it's possible that the water damage is created at a different spot in the house that it shows up on the ceiling in your kitchen for a living room or hallway. Another carpet for water leak is again the bathroom where the shower stall is not caulked in properly to the wall allowing water to seep down and follow through to the ceiling below.
Drywall repair depends on how extensive the damages. In some cases, all it is is a crack in the wall which has to be simply taped with fibre tape or paper tape and plastic with drywall patch repair compound such as sheetrock 90. And in other cases where the drywall damage is so bad that the whole section of the drywall has to be replaced a new piece of drywall can be inserted and taped.

If you are looking for good quality carpentry and drywall repair service make sure they have plenty of reviews about them indicating the quality work that you will receive.

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