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Deck building Mississauga and surrounding area

Deck building Mississauga

A Glimpse into Deck Building Mississauga Architects defined decks as a structure designed similarly as a floor and elevated above the ground.  They have the capability to support the weight and are commonly built outdoors.  They are often seen as an extension of buildings, particularly homes and residences. Decking has a lot of functions. It […]

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Deck Boards Cost to Replace

Deck boards cost

Deck Boards Cost to Replace Or DIYLearning How to Replace Deck Boards You will spend an enormous sum of money in rebuilding your whole deck whether DIY or getting it done professionally.  Depending on the damage you are looking at, you can choose to simply look at deck board replacement, first find out how much […]

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Mississauga Handyman Celebrates 10 Years of Building High-Quality Outdoor Decks

Mississauga Handyman (www.mississaugahandyman.com), a prominent residential interior painting and carpentry repairs company located in Mississauga, Ontario, is proud to celebrate its 10th year building and repairing outdoor wooden decks. Owner Vic Nagy, who has been working in the contracting industry for nearly 40 years, is extremely excited to have reached this impressive milestone with one […]

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Deck Repair Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto

Deck Repair Mississauga Service

Deck Repair Mississauga 101: The Perils of Unrepaired Decks Home repairs and renovations are some of the most vital maintenance tasks that homeowners need to pay attention to. At least once or twice a year, something at home will have to be repaired, whether it’s your wooden walls In your basement paneling, or your kitchen […]

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Cedar Deck Wood

Cedar deck boards needs replacing

Cedar  deck boards, although more expensive than other types of lumber, has its advantages when it comes to house constructions and home improvements. If you want the perfect lumber for your roofs, sidings, or even for your patios and decks at home, the extra money you might need to spend for cedar lumber is all […]

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Deck repair Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto West

Deck repair Mississauga

 Deck Repair Mississauga ServicesLots of homes in Mississauga and Toronto have veranda’s and a lot of them are very beautiful and well kept. The secret is in deck maintenance. The homeowner should stay on top of keeping the veranda in good condition.Good maintenance is identifying spots where screws are getting loose and retightened them if you can. […]

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Deck Furniture Toronto

Mississauga handyman found this interesting article on deck furniture preparation: Time to Get Deck Furniture Ready for Fall We give you easy ways to protect all your outdoor furniture. Posted by Linda Merrill September 08, 2011 Joelk75/Flickr As we transition into September and life begins to move back indoors, we need to start thinking about […]

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