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Trim Carpentry Service

Mississauga handyman trim carpentry service can include upgrading your current trim to a more modern larger better-looking trim package. These days people mostly upgraded to a colonial 800 series trim style.

trim carpentry service colonial is our series casing profile

this is the most current up-to-date modern residential trim. You can buy door casings, doors, and window casings all in this style of the profile. you can’t really make a mistake by choosing this style of trim is most commonly accepted everywhere.

If you decide to go with this style and profile of trim you can trim your window casing with this giving the window a totally different look. You can also put a matching baseboard ranging from 4 1/4 inches to over 5 inches in width. The larger the baseboard the more beefy and heftier the room will look, which gives the room a more upper scale look. Next is the prehung doors which can be bought from Home Depot. These prehung doors mean you will get the entire door and door casing and jam all-in-one assembled.

Installing the prehung door requires a certain amount of know-how from start to finish. The door has to be able to move freely and be square to the floor and wall. When the door opens and is hanging free it should not tend to either swing open or shut but stay stationary. This indicates the door is well leveled and installed. This requires that the door opening with the prehung door installed should be shimmed with cedar shakes to ensure everything is square. After the door is leveled then the casings can be installed.

Wood shelving is another popular product and service we offer. Custom-made shelving to accommodate anything such as books and magazines. A television mantle shelf great for when you don’t have a good place to put the TV. Also, shelving can be installed in walk-in closets to any configuration to suit the homeowner.

Trim carpentry/fine carpentry

Or a walk-in pantry to organize all your groceries. You would be surprised the number of groceries/products you could put into the room if it’s properly placed in order. This is a great space saver.

Crown molding installations can be installed in a room where you need that little extra pizzazz. It gives the room a certain amount of elegance and character. Wood Crown moldings can come in many different shapes and contours and sizes from the small two half inches to the two or three pieces six-inch crown molding. This crown molding is usually installed in large rooms with high ceilings. On smaller rooms with shorter walls a smaller size, molding is sufficient. You don’t want to put an oversized humongous, crown molding it to a small room.

You can add additional trim to existing trim such as J molding or quarter round at the baseboard to freshen up damaged baseboards at the bottom.

Give us a call if you have any concerns about doing any carpentry trim work in your home.

Hope this answered some of your questions about our trim carpentry service

trim carpentry service walk-in pantry


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