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ceiling design

Ceiling Design

New Concept Ceiling Stucco 

There is a relatively newer concept in stucco ceiling design and that is the knockdown style some homebuilders are applying, this to give the living space a different look from the old typical popcorn type of ceiling. When considering doing your ceiling in your living room or dining room or even possibly your bedrooms, instead of doing a regular stucco ceiling spraying try taking a wide trowel and knocking down all the tips and sharp points from the freshly sprayed stucco.

How to Create Your New Stucco Design 

Passing over the freshly sprayed stucco will smooth out the jagged surface giving the ceiling design you’re looking for. You can experiment as to how much you want to flatten out your stucco.

Stucco Removal

If you have already an existing popcorn stucco ceiling you will have to remove the stucco popcorn from the ceiling this will bring it back to a flat surface. Then you can reapply the popcorn stucco. And while the stucco is in its wet/moist state you can break down the tops by smoothing out with a flat knife or scraper to a desired look. This is almost something similar to performing French plastering. You can do this stucco up application and layers. This is almost an artistic type of adventure so I would suggest that if you have never done this before it better to try in a room where you can afford to redo it.
 ceiling design with  knocked downstucco
ceiling design
 modern ceiling design with stucco
modern ceiling Scheme  strategy
 Quite a Bit Different Look Than Just Plain Popcorn Stucco

Reinvent your ceiling with a different look at yet still high some imperfections on the ceiling.
How to Apply Knock Down Texture | The Family Handyman
Ceilings are notorious for showing flaws. Light shining across that large, uninterrupted surface accentuates every pockmark in the dry- wall mud, every little ridge left by the paint roller.The usual way to mask these troubles is to spray on acoustical “popcorn” texture. But I go with a “knockdown” texture on most ceilings, whether they’re new drywall, old plaster or a repaired ceiling of any type. The beauty of knockdown texture is that it not only hides imperfections but also creates a more subtle look than heavier textures.

Source: How to Apply Knock Down Texture | The Family Handyman

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