Choose a Paint Color For Your House "Cloud White CC-40"

 Contemplating On How to Choose a Paint Color For Your Home Interior

Choose Paint Color for your home can be made easy by simply going with very traditional popular color choices such as Benjamin Moore's white cloud paint color CC – 40  you simply can't go wrong with this as a generic default color.
You can't go wrong with such a neutral paint color is not pure white so for example if you put a piece of white paper or a white business card up to it you'll notice that is quite a bit different than just simply white. White colors complement just about any combination of colors in a room. You can pick strong and vivid colors such as red or blue and will have no problem to choose a paint color such as white cc 40 that goes along with anything.
Another reason to use this particular shade of white is because if you're planning on selling the home it's great to help show it off. When rooms are light and bright they give you the effect of that home or room is larger than it is. It also gives the potential home buyer a sense that the home was taken care of because of its looks, nice neat and tidy and to top it all off very clean looking. Furthermore if you are considering on selling the home painting the house with a flat shine level white paint is the absolute best, it will not show any deficiencies and irregularities in any of the drywall and possibly trim. But that is only if everything is painted exactly the same color. If you decide that you want to paint the trim a different color than the walls and obviously it will bring attention to the prospective homebuyer to look at it more carefully and this is where you might run into situations where some of the trim work isn't perfect. But if you paid out everything exactly the same material or at least the same shade of white it will be hard to differentiate between bad and good.
Hopefully this helps your decision to Choose a Paint Color for your home.

Maria’s article was about CC-40, or in non-painter terms, Benjamin Moore Cloud White. In her article, she discussed how Cloud White has become such an industry standard paint colour for trim it has become over used, misused and an after thought. I couldn’t agree more..Cloud White goes by the codes CC-40, OC-130 and in the US 967. It is a definite off-white and the go to colour for designers.

choose a paint color

choose a paint color swatch by Benjamin Moore Paints

Cloud White goes by the codes CC-40, OC-130 and in the US 967. It is a definite off-white and the go to colour for designers.

Source: Please Don't Make Me Paint Your House Cloud White - Warline Painting


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