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Choosing Colors for Your House Painting

When choosing colors for your house, there's a wide spectrum of paint colors available in the market for you to choose from and it could be difficult to make a decision quickly.  In fact, it’s not a decision that you should make on a whim.  You might find yourself deciding on one bold hue only to change one's mind a minute after when you see another attractive swatch of the paint sample.  To make it easier for you to choose the right color, this house painting guide will give you quick tips that you can keep in mind as you go through the color swatches.Fd

It is always good to think of a color palette instead of choosing a single color.  Pick a theme or a motif and pick several colors that complement each other.  You can have a minimum of three colors that you can designate as your field color, your accent color, and your trim color.

The field color is the primary shade that you will use on most of the surfaces. You're accented color is usually applied to window and door frames.  The trim color serves to highlight details like railings and inlays.  Note that the field color and your accent color should be contrasting colors.  A dark dominating color would look best on a pale-colored accent, and vice versa.

For choosing colors for your house take note of the following:

Consider the details of your house that are not going to be painted – unless you are going for a makeover, you have to consider aspects of your house exterior that will remain the same color.  These are your stonework, the pebbled walkway leading to your front door, the tiled water feature in the back porch, and other similar structures and design components.  Make sure that you choose a color palette that works well with these details.

Think of the architectural design and era when the house was built – although you do not want your house to look dated, you have to remember that not all paint types and colors will look good on all architectural styles when choosing colors for your house.  It would be a little quirky, for instance, to have a Queen Elizabethan-style house painted in neon colors or even in baby pastels for that matter.  Unless you are going for the quirky look and feel, it’s best to stay with safer neutrals if you have this type of house.

Check the landscape – consider the scenery when you choose the colors for house painting.  Think of it as a canvas where your house is the main feature and the rest of the scenery around it is the background.   Think about whether you want your house to blend into the background or if you want it to pop out aesthetically.  the choice of colors should not make your house stand out like a sore thumb.

If you are not knowledgeable and skilled enough in house painting, it is best for you to consult professionals rather than to attempt a DIY.  It could be expensive to make mistakes on a home improvement project of this scale.  There are paint contractors and designers that you can talk to and hire for various stages of the painting project.





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