Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

You are in the paint store now looking at the color palette thinking about complementary colors and neutral colors. What can I do about Choosing paint colors?

Whether you’re planning on completely renovating your living space or you simply want to spruce up the paint colour on your interior walls a little, spring is definitely the perfect time for a fresh home makeover. Determining the right colour combinations for your home without being able to actually see what the colours will look like on your walls can be tough. After all, each room serves a different purpose and for that reason, it’s important that the colours you choose to work well for your overall house painting project.

Choosing paint colors for accent wall

Choosing paint colors for accent wall

Wall Colours for Your Living Space

Most modern homes and condos have open-concept floor plans with few walls separating each room. For open floor plans, it’s a good idea to stick to neutral or muted tones that complement each other well. Use accent pieces to add splashes of colour, and paint each level using different colour schemes to make things interesting. The key is choosing colours that flow organically from one level to another without clashing.
Older homes with a lot of separating walls can have different colour schemes for each room as long as you paint the adjoining hallways neutral tones to tie all of the rooms on each level together. When completely renovating a room, always choose the furniture and major appliances first and the paint colour last. The accessories in the room will help lead you to the right colour combinations.
Here are some exciting ideas about how you can enhance each room in your home with a fresh coat of paint.

Wall Colours for Your Living Room

If you have a small living room, you want to create the illusion that it’s much bigger than it actually is, and the right paint colour can accomplish just that. Living rooms that are prone to a lot of natural light need bold and bright colours to enhance their appearance. Some of the most popular living room colours include yellow, orange, light green, light purple, or even various shades of pink.

Beautiful Shades for Your Dining Room Walls

Just like your living room, the colours you use for your dining room are subject to taste and the set-up of the room itself. If you’re going for an airy, lighthearted feel then bright colours are a perfect choice, especially if your dining room gets a lot of natural sunlight. Or, you can choose darker shades like royal blue, dark pinks, and even darker shades of lavender to create a more romantic feel. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the dining room paint colour ideas.

Dynamic Colour Ideas for Your Bedroom

The paint colour you choose to adorn the walls of your bedroom is extremely important because that particular space is your personal sanctuary. It belongs to you and your partner, so it should reflect both of your personalities and promote a sense of peace, tranquillity, and even romance. Shades of purple, blue, and chocolaty browns are perfect for any bedroom.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Fresh Paint

As with the entire décor of your home, the colours of your kitchen walls should reflect your personal tastes and style. If you’re partial to a more rustic look, then you might consider painting your kitchen walls a cool teal colour paired with ginger or light brown accent pieces. For a more modern feel, you can paint the walls a white or cream colour and use darker accent pieces and stainless steel appliances to complete the look.
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