Choosing paint colors

Choosing paint colors

Paint finishes and paint colors

Just to the right paint finishes and paint colors

Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry just finished off a kid’s bedroom where the kid chose the paint finishes and paint colors. What a novel idea. This home had 2 children who were very young, around 3 or 4 years old. The parents both tried to please and satisfy their children by painting the room the colors they chose. Besides, this would be their playroom when they woke up and before they went to sleep. There’s nothing nicer than looking at your favorite color while you’re in the room playing.

Bedroom paint colors

Amazingly enough, these kids pick colors that complemented each other and worked well with each other. Here is something interesting,

What colors match with yellow?


Colors that match with yellow include orange, red, green, blue, and purple, depending on the shade of yellow and how it is being used. Basic color harmonies, such as analogous or complementary colors, can be determined using a color wheel. A combination of warm and cool colors and a balance of dynamic and subtle harmonies are often a good choice and help to differentiate lightness while increasing contrast.

What do you get when you mix purple and green when choosing paint colors?

What colors match with purple choosing paint colors?

What color is produced when you mix purple and orange choosing paint colors?


There are different harmonies that are used on the color wheel to determine the best color matches when choosing paint colors. One type of harmony is called analogous, in which the three colors that are side by side on the color wheel are selected. For yellow, this would be yellow, orange and green.

Another type of harmony is called a complementary harmony, which is when the two colors that are directly opposite of one another on the color wheel are selected. For yellow, this would be yellow and purple. A split complementary harmony is also an option, and is when the three colors that are chosen are equidistant from one another, forming an equilateral triangle. For yellow, the three colors are yellow-green, yellow-orange, and purple. Finally, a triadic harmony is when three colors that are equally spaced from one another on the color wheel are chosen. For yellow, this would be yellow, blue, and red.


Using these harmonies can help create balanced and visually appealing rooms in your home or office When choosing paint colors. It’s important to consider scale; for example, bright and muted colors can be used together. When creating a room design with the color wheel in mind, use your knowledge to pick furniture and decor that will match and complement the chosen hues. This can help bring out a variety of shades within each color, making them appear more vibrant.


Choosing interior paint colors for your home or office can be daunting. With the variety of shades and hues to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why having an understanding of colour theory is important. Using a paint colour visualizer, you can create harmonious combinations to make your space look beautiful. You’ll save yourself time and energy by choosing paint colors


Bedroom Painting Preparation Work

In this case, Mississauga painters were called in because the homeowner was having difficulty with preparing and doing the paint finishes. The previous paint job was never primed prior to painting. Basically, the paint was on top of the wall like a plastic bag. And when some damages were attempted to be repaired, the paint was peeling off like skin. The peeling actually would not even stop it would keep on peeling as long as you were pulling on the paint. It was coming off in sheets and pieces. Most probably, what happened here was that they put on latex over top of oil-based paint without priming it. So basically, what we did is where it was attached to the wall very well, we would leave it on and plaster a thin layer over the entire wall to make it all uniform. Then we primed the wall. Now that we have primed the wall, we take a light and check for defective drywall repair. When the light is shined onto the surface, it will show any places where the plaster was not set up properly or possibly place where a repair was completely missed out. You can also check the plasterwork prior to priming it, but generally, all the slight imperfections will show up after priming.

Painting Hard-to-Paint Colors

Red paints/orange paints and yellow paints are the more difficult paints to try to accomplish in just two coats. Their bases are so clear and have lots of pigment added to it to make the color thus not having very good hide ability. This is the reason why it is wise to buy a top-line premium paint when considering painting is colors you’ll be happy you did. Since you know you are going to have to at least cut in all the walls with the brush 2 times or maybe even 3 I would not paint the walls I would just simply due to brushwork. And then you can paint the walls 1 or 2 or 3 times to fill in to a solid color.

Quick note: if you’re using a deep red color for your paint job, then prime the wall with a black or a dark gray primary; likewise, the lighter the red, the lighter the primary (lighter gray) if you’re taking a yellow wall (light yellow) then make sure you have a white background.

Time to Paint Baseboards

Now that you have done a perfect job on your walls, it’s time to finish it painting your baseboards. Most probably, you had touched the baseboard with the red paint here and there, making sure that you do go to the very bottom of the wall. Now it is time to clean all this up with a nice straight line. With your best latex brush, you can paint a fine continuous line over the top of the baseboard. Be careful not to wander onto the wall. It’s always better to cut a little bit short away from the wall than to hit the wall because that looks bad. If you need to go one more time for accuracy to make the line nice and straight. Here again, if you are trying to do very accurate precision painting by brush, it’s important to buy the best quality trim paint such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams top-line products. These paints have a very fine grind with the best additives to make the paint apply, flow, and level. The cheaper the paint, the fewer the additives, which makes the difference in good paint. Usually, when painting baseboards over top of a hardwood floor it is smart to have the can on a cloth to be able to slide the can along the floor and also another wiping cloth to make sure that there is no paint on the hardwood floor as your moving along and painting.







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