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Currently we doing condo painting in Toronto at Finch and Warden Avenue. This building was made around 1980-ish it does have some dated aspects to it

when the customer originally contacted me they were thinking about doing quite a bit of renovation throughout the home. This is a two-bedroom condo with the solarium.

Kitchen painting

It has a fully enclosed kitchen with an L-shaped counter with cupboards both above and below. The kitchen cupboards are an older style with some metal trim moulding around the edges and it is built out of melamine board. The kitchen cupboards stood up pretty well and don't look too bad with a little bit of adjusting and then repainting the entire assembly. This is a much cheaper process than replacing all the entire kitchen cupboards. First, you have to buy the cupboards and then you have to pay an installer to install them. This set of cabinets can be adjusted so the doors open and close well and are aligned with each other and then the entire kitchen cupboards can be thoroughly cleaned with a degreasing agent such as trisodium phosphate which will remove all greases and dirt. Also one could use other cleaners such as "spray 9" from Canadian Tire or some other type of quality cleaning agent.

Stucco ceiling painting

The ceilings in this condo have never been painted before. When stucco ceilings had never been painted they should only be painted with oil-based paint. If a water-based paint is applied to the stucco it will dissolve it making it smear and a mess all over your ceiling rooting the looks of the texture. We have done lots of stucco repairs and re-spraying because someone had attempted to paint the stucco ceiling was latex paint. Obviously no one likes to paint a textured ceiling with oil and especially with a roller. Lots of sprinkles will develop on the face and on the floor. All lots of calls there are stains in the ceiling from a water leak from above creating an orangey-brown stain in the ceiling. If there wasn't a massive leak just a small amount of water got into the ceiling it might be repairable simply by spraying a stain-blocking primer. This might be sufficient enough if the primer and the ceiling are virtually the same colour. If the spot prime is a darker color or lighter color it will be necessary to repaint the entire ceiling and that is when you have to paint with an oil paint. There are some specially developed flat oil ceiling paints that are somewhat less smelly and less sprinkle.

Door painting

This particular condo was probably painted 20 years ago or more and it still had oil paint on all the doors and trim. It was a semigloss oil paint that had to be either primed over with oil primer or all the doors and frames had to be totally stripped of their shine sanding down to a dull mat look getting rid of the shine. This will allow latex paint to stick to it. We go one step farther than this we use kitchen cupboard paint which is a more sticky and durable material that will stay on and withstand a certain amount of stuffing and use.

Trim And Wall Painting

The walls in this condo are some type of a beige colour and they want to have it painted a very light color almost white. The homeowner is planning on installing a light gray flooring. This flooring will reflect onto the walls giving the walls a slight tint of gray. The customer elected to paint the trim a bright white collar and she was deliberating whether or not she should have a lighter or darker wall color comparing it to a sample of her hardwood floor beside the wall. She placed a few swatches with two different shades of wall paint both being very light in color one having a hint of gray other one having a hint of brown. Obviously my decision would be to go with the hint of gray since her floor was also in the gray family.

Condo Painting Summary

Just by simply repainting your entire condo with new contemporary colors that are bright and replacing the carpet with a fresh new hardwood floor you can satisfy yourself with the minimal amount of costs.

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