Condo painting income properties

Recently Mississaugahandyman painting and carpentry got invited to quote on a condo income property to perform some condo painting. This job was by square one Hurontario And  Hillcrest Avenue Mississauga Ontario.

Upon our initial discussion over the phone, the landlord suggested white paint over white paint for all the walls doors and baseboards. They mentioned how many rooms there were and how many doors. And on the basis of this, I give them a rough but close approximation what the condo painting might cost.

The next step was to do an on-site visit for a firm quote. Upon arrival, I was taken through a short tour of the Rental property painting project. The walls were white eggshell with many dirty marks and some crayon artwork from young children. I expected to see this and I did.

What I did not expect was a change in the color of the walls which was not originally discussed and also being presented with leftover paint from previous house painting job they did 6 months before. The paint had already started to separate and needed a thorough mixing again. Secondly, the paint was the lowest quality Benjamin Moore contractor grade. And finally, also it was an anemic color sort of a Pinkie tinge to it which does not cover very well it might take 3 coats to cover properly so as not to create picture framing of the walls. There are 2 things to watch for when painting walls. If you're trying to paint the wall with the least amount of coats of paint then try to go with a brown color or a green color or blue color these hide very well but anything with a reddish or yellow tinge to it is a lot harder to cover.
Of course, we all try to save money where we can but sometimes it's cheaper to choose paint colors that will suit both the painting contractor and the owner in terms of cost of painting. When one has to paint a color other than the color that is already existing it will most probably take 2 or 3 coats depending on the type of paint that is being used. Obviously the more high-quality paint the better chances that you will need 2 coats of paint. But when using low-grade paint especially colored paint they might take 3 coats to cover. And as obvious putting 3 coats on take additional labor costs which end up to be more costly than by replacing the paint with a similar paint already existing on the walls.
So when considering any condo decorating and especially when it is a rental property try to keep your costs down by repainting the same color.

Condo painting in white

Condo painting  In white

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