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The other day Mississauga handyman was called in to estimate condo painting in Mississauga at square one in the Marilyn Monroe buildings. Located at Burnham Thorpe and Dixie across from square one Mississauga. These are the fancy designed new buildings completed only a few years ago. They are skyscrapers with probably over 1000 condos in them.

 Why use white paint?

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A typically condo painting in Mississauga  is usually painted with a flat white latex paint or some light shade of white. Most people don’t like to live in a pure white monochromatic space. Condo owners as with house owners enjoy some colors in their living spaces. We all know that painting a home in pure white or some light off-white will get the most positive responses from potential homebuyers. When you paint the space with these neutral colors it offends the least amount of people as far as taste goes. Light colors/white colors are easy to blend in contrast with just about anything such as hardwood flooring or carpets or ceramic tile/floor tiles and bathroom tiles. White blends well with dark colors as well as light colors. But if the builder decided to go with some tinted colors he would have two make some serious choices and decisions on what paint to either contrast with or complement with each other.

White paint and practicality.

White paint touches up very easily both on the walls and the wood trim work. It is the least noticeable when you repaint a spot or portion of a wall or piece of wood with white paint. This color hue is the most common and practical to use. It is also practical in the sense that the painting contractor doesn’t have to keep a large variety of different paint colors. If he has a building full of condos all the same color he won’t have to search around for a particular color for particular condo.

White paint is also a good base paint to start with for any paint job short of dark colors. If you need to paint something yellow or need to paint something orange white is a good base to start with. If there are any defective or damaged wood trims it also helps to hide the deficiency.

 White paint maintenance aspect.

Another question is if a new condo owner should paint with shinier levels of paint such as eggshell or semigloss. One of the most practical reasons for painting with either a shinier semigloss is the cleaning aspect, dirt wipes off semigloss paint easier than it would on flat paint or eggshell paint. While the drawback for using shiny paint such a semigloss or even  gloss is that you have to have absolutely perfect wood trim. This is almost the same as if you have a car with a dent in it even though it might be a small dent it seems to show up better than on an old car with dull paint.

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