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Should You Get Your Kitchen Cabinet Painted?

Kitchen cabinets are important fixtures in any kitchen. These are storage areas to keep things neat and clean. These also add a nice vibe to the kitchen, if done right. Many homeowners contemplate kitchen cabinet painting to round up the atmosphere they want to create in the kitchen. Painters in Mississauga are your kitchen cabinet painting specialist who can create the look perfect for kitchen cabinets to match the kitchen's aesthetics.
But before calling in painters, it might be better to look at the pros and cons of painting the kitchen cabinets.
A fresh coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets can instantly brighten up the kitchen. It can help create a finished look to any kitchen style, from country kitchen design to sleek modern.
It’s not just the look of the kitchen that improves. It can also help in raising the value of the home. Most experts in the real estate business know that one of the biggest selling points of a house is a good kitchen.
Some of the other important advantages of painting cabinets are:
• Lower cost
Painting the cabinets is easily less expensive than replacing these altogether. The budget for kitchen renovations will do well without the expense of having cabinets removed and a new one installed. The cost can reach about half the average cost of a kitchen renovation.
Simply look for talented painters in Mississauga who will match the paint to the kitchen's overall style. Want it rustic looking? Has the cabinet been painted with a rustic or distressed look? Aiming for a modern kitchen? No need for expensive kitchen cabinet replacement. Have them painted with a gray, almost metallic finish or sleek, classic wood style?
• A simple way to update the kitchen
Even without renovating the entire kitchen, painting the cabinets can instantly give the kitchen a new look. These may be “just” cabinets for many but a fresh coat of paint gives a huge impact on how the entire kitchen looks.
• Easy way to update old cabinets
Painting gives less stress and time to improve the look of the kitchen and of the cabinets themselves. Stripping the cabinets and installing new ones takes time and money. These also require a team to work on it. That’ll cost additional money. The people working on the cabinets must also be experts. Otherwise, they might do more damage to the kitchen and incur expensive repairs. That’s a ton of stress for the homeowner.
On the other hand, painting the cabinet to change its design and look is simple. The job will take less than a week. One or two persons can already finish the job. Of course, the painters must have good skills to pull off the desired look.
Cons of painting kitchen cabinets
The biggest disadvantage of painting kitchen cabinets is when doing it DIY. Painting over the old one is not always a good thing to do. DIYers often just paint over the old cabinets. That is not a good thing because the new paint won’t stick. It also won’t be applied smoothly.
Other cons to painting kitchen cabinets are:
• Time-consuming
It will take time to prepare the cabinets before it gets painted. This includes sanding the cabinets down and removing the hardware. The painting itself will take time, as well as time for the paint to dry. It will also take to properly reinstall the hardware, such as the handles on the cabinets.
However, all these are still less than the time it will take to reinstall a new kitchen cabinet.
• Paints do not last long
That is if the kitchen cabinets were painted DIY. It takes skill and expertise to prep the cabinets and paint to achieve the desired style and have the paint last longer.
To get the best results, professional painters in Mississauga are highly recommended. It will still cost something, but the results will be longer-lasting and meet expectations.

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