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Painting and Carpentry Services

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 · Home painting, we do a full range of house painting and condo painting also apartment painting.

· Stucco ceiling spraying and removal of popcorn, then refinishing with a flat plastered ceiling and paint.

· Carpentry, If you are looking to upgrade your interior trim work, some older homes have old-style flat wood casings, possibly damaged trim and you are upgrading to a more modern style of wood trim. Some occasions the whole trim can be replaced, baseboards, window casings and doors.

· Kitchen cabinet painting, Older kitchen cabinets can sometimes be upgraded/new hardware installed and painted.

· Build and repair decks Summer months we build and repair wood decks, you might need new floorboards/planks, you might have wobbly and insecure steps and wood railings. We also power wash and staying wood decks and fences.

· Custom carpentry, we install crown molding and wood shelving

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  Address:  Mississauga, ON L4T

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