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Many times I get a customer questioning me ( Mississauga painting) about how to paint or how would I paint things like Wainscot or kitchen cabinets or some door painting. They seem to think that spray painting is the answer. I answer yes and no. Spray painting inside a home is very difficult because of the atomized paint floats around the area or room. Because of this, you have to be very protective of everything. When this atomized paint settles it dries on the surface and the surface will be extremely difficult to clean. When I  spray paint, Kitchen cabinets, it's virtually the same as spray painting a car. I mask off everything accurately and make sure that my masking is not coming apart or covering a part of what I want to paint. The thing to remember here is what hasn't been taped and your plastic is not covering is going to be painted. It takes time to set up a paint sprayer, to mask all items that you don't want to have paint on and then finally the spray painting equipment has to be cleaned out to ensure it will work for the next job. Of course, it is easier to use a spray gun, it goes quicker but doesn't forget that there's a massive amount of preparation, so you don't ruin everything else. Sometimes simply it's quicker to use a brush and roller because you don't have to do any masking or cleaning. Spray paint leaves a smooth even finish whereas if you are using a brush and roller it will probably leave some type of marks.

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