Now is the time for deck building guide and repairs Mississauga Ontario

 Mississaugahandyman's deck building guide

I have written this small deck building guide to help you out in deciding what to do with your wood deck. We service the Mississauga area helping people out with such things as rotten deck boards and wobbly stairs and insecure railings.

A lot of people besides the fact that they know they have a wood patio in their backyard they have no clue as to what type of wood is used and how to do maintenance and repair on their Patio. Lots of homeowners take the deck for granted and don't take care of it. Decks do need a certain amount of care and maintenance. It is your backyard convenience and entertainment center.

The 1st line of defense against damages and where is to do a regular biannual cleaning. The cleaning will remove any deposits of soil and dirt that will cause wood decay not mentioning it's a home for insects which like to burrow into wood eventually. Also if there are any seeds around it might actually start growing in the cracks of the boards in between them.
We suggest that you scrub the floorboards down ensuring that there is no soil deposited anywhere on the wood. Usually, this is done with a short bristle scrubbing brush some detergent usually special detergent from Home Depot formulated for this type of work and then, of course, your garden hose with half decent pressure you don't need a high-pressure washer because this could actually damage the wood.

Types of wood used in this deck building guide
most of these wooden structures are made from pressure-treated wood which is the most economical price. Pressure-treated referred to as PT can be purchased in many different variations such as 2×4 boards, 2×6 boards, 2×8 boards, 5/4 boards all in various lengths anywhere from 8 feet to 16 feet and are attached again in different ways and methods the most common one is nailing it directly to the floor joists 2 at a time in line with each other. The other choices using specially formulated screws with corrosion resistance that come in various colors whether it is green or brown. Again these screws come in many different places you can buy them from you because of an inch all the way to 4 inches in length. The longer screws can also be purchased in a larger diameter generally speaking most screws are number 8 but if you're looking for stronger and longer one you might consider than the #10 4 inches long this gives you much better traction stability. Care must be taken though that when using nails or screws that you do not try to insert them at the end of the board because what will happen is that the board will split. In defense of this, you should pre-drill the hole to prevent splitting.

The same principles go with Cedar wood. Cedarwood is a type of wood that looks better when it is new. If you get Red Western Cedar, it has a nice orange-yellow tinge to it and looks quite pleasant but over time it will look exactly the same as the cheaper pressure-treated.

These are some quick tips on this deck building guide. Please if you are interested in getting to know more about exterior carpentry building and repairs don't hesitate to call Mississaugahandyman.

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