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Deck Construction Mississauga Tips

Learning How to Replace Deck Boards

You will spend a huge sum of money in rebuilding your whole deck whether you do it on your own or with the help of professionals.  Depending on the damage you are looking at, you can actually choose to simply look at deck board replacement.  There are also professionals such as deck construction Mississauga professionals like Mississaugahandyman who know how to replace deck boards at affordable rates if you are not up to taking on the home improvement project.

To guide you in the process of how to replace deck boards, here are the some important details you need to take note of:

Tools and Materials for Deck Construction Mississauga

You need the following tools for your deck replacement project:

  • Hammer
  • tape measure
  • nail set
  • miter saw
  • locking pliers
  • pry bar
  • cat’s paw
  • circular saw
  • extension cord
  • drill
  • jigsaw
  • speed square
  • safety glasses
  • hearing protection
  • sawhorses

Aside from these tools, you also need to buy wood that matches the deck boards.  You also need the appropriately sized galvanized screws and nails.

Working on Your Deck Board Replacement

To start replacing the deck boards, you need to remove the damaged boards.  You can cut and replace only the damaged boards, but it might be necessary to take out some undamaged planks as well.  Pull out the nails from the planks you need to replace.  You can use your cat’s paw for this.  If the nail head breaks off, you can use locking pliers to pull out the rest of the nail.

You also need to install nail cleats.  Nail cleats give support to the edges of your new deck boards. Nail 12-inch long cleats to the joists where the edges of your deck boards should be aligned. This is also the time to straighten any crooked boards.  You can simply pull out the nail on one end and then push or hammer the boards in position.

For rotting joints, use flashing tins. Inspect the joists for parts that are soft. This is a sign that the joist is also starting to rot. Put a flashing tin atop the affected areas and pull the edges down to bend it. You may also use a copper-based preservative to brush on the joists before you install a flashing tin.

Before you put in your new deck boards, flatten the nail tips. These should be flattened before hammering or drilling them at the edges of your deck boards. When you use a nail with a flattened tip, it reduces the chances of splitting in your wood boards.  If you are using screws for your decks, you have to make sure that you pre-drill the screws on the holes at the edges of the boards.

Experts on how to replace deck boards advise that you cut out and remove bad planks so the splices are equal by one joist thickness. They also recommend smelling the wood in your old planks to identify the type of wood so you know which matching boards to buy.  You can ask experts in deck repairs or ask for lumberyard samples for this.

For more specific and detailed steps on how to replace deck boards, you can check online for deck construction mississauga videos. You can also call deck building and repair companies so they can send their professionals to inspect your deck and give you the right advice.


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