Deck repair Mississauga

Looking for Mississauga decks and fence repairs? It's about that time of year again when you start considering doing some repair around your home. Have a wood deck around your home that needs deck repairs? We are a professional company that specializes in deck repairs, and this is one of our primary services.

Deck repair Mississauga

Are you looking for Mississauga decks and fence repairs? It's about that time of year again when you start considering doing some repair around your home. Have a wood deck around your home that needs deck repairs? We are a professional company that specializes in deck repairs and this is one of our main services.

Damaged deck problems are quite often.

Deck repair Mississauga

Burnt deck floorboards

On occasion, we have had to go and fix decks that have been damaged by fire. We had one customer whose floor needed deck repairs. The area of the repair was directly around where the barbecue was. There was a barbecue fire that scorched the home. The brick wall was covered in black soot, and the deck boards were charred in the area close to the barbecue. Luckily the home did not catch fire. Obviously, when you have a wooden structure you must keep in mind it will burn. Since the deck was almost new, it didn't need a total rebuild, but all of the burnt would have to be replaced.

Refacing a deck

On another occasion, the customer had a porch at the back of their home, which was damaged by lightning. The lightning hit a tree that was in the center of the porch, causing a fire, and the porch had burnt enough that it was a consideration to replace the floor top simply. And rebuild all the steps going around the sides of the structure. So we did a new floor installation for them. We had solutions for some of the problems they had with the previous flooring that was fixed with this portion of the renovations. Some of the stuff wasn't done to last long and look good, but we improved on the final quality of the job.
Deck repair Mississauga

Deck repair Mississauga parts list

Decks Mississauga Tips

Like anything else, when something gets used, it starts to wear. No matter, high quality or not, overtime decks do wear out. Wood is a natural material that does need care and repairs over time. Whether it is a deck in Mississauga or decks in Toronto, Mississauga handyman does deck repairs.  

Deck Repairing Service

Typically, a customer will look for a professional deck repair service here in Mississauga for doing their deck repairs. In many cases, this is the scenario. The customer will call to get an estimate on their deck. Most people don't know precisely what is involved and aren't quite sure about problems they might be having with their deck other than it doesn't quite look right or it's a little bit tattered. Possibly the fence post is loose and would like to have it tightened. This sounds like a very straightforward type of repairs, but sometimes it's not as easy as that.

Post Loose?

When the fence post is tightened to soft or rotten floor joists or rim joists and the connection would still stay loose. This would be a reason why you would call a professional deck repair service to do these repairs. We know exactly what type of work to do to tighten up that loose railing posts. There are either metal hangers that can be used or special ways of attaching two pieces of wood to create greater strength.

Waste container for your project

We can arrange removal for this type of project with one of our waste disposal contracting services that work in your area. We usually use them if we are doing deck removal, which requires a waste container since there is so much wood, or if we are doing basement renovations, they need a large bin.

Deck repairs Mississauga

Give us a call our deck repair service can repair damaged decks, or if the floor is so damaged, we can build you a new one. Our team has years of experience with building decks in Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton, and Etobicoke Canada. Or send us an email at or call 416-568-3547 to start a free estimate over the phone and give you some ideas on what the deck repair might cost. We are always free to talk about our repair services in our service area. Now is the time to start booking for your deck repair project. When you call about one of our services, please try to have as much information as possible so it will be easier to give you a closer idea of an estimate when calling this deck builder Mississauga service. We are not just Mississauga deck builders, but we also do fence repair Mississauga projects.


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