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gets a lot of home repair calls for everything from door repairs / entrance repairs through to stucco ceiling repairs . We get at least one call a day for some kind of a home repair.

A lot of people think that we are on standby just for their one item for repair and we are flexible to accommodate their schedule on a moments notice.

This is what happened few days ago where a lady phone us up about a door repair, because someone had broken the door if I’m not mistaken to the washroom. She indicated to me that the door was not repairable and that it needed to be replaced because it was so badly damaged. I asked her that if the door was generally intact and she said it was so I could copy over the necessary details onto the new door slab.

She had indicated to me that this was a priority and it would be greatly appreciated if I could do it that day she called or the next day. I told her that we were already busy with that day but could calm the following morning after checking my work schedule.

I phoned the lady back later that afternoon indicating to her that I could come first thing the following morning at 8 o’clock then she replied back to me that how about 9 o’clock which I said that was okay. This is a small job requires a few hours from getting the door to installing it and having it swinging and closing properly. So we left the conversation at that, that I would arrive at her home 9 o’clock in the morning the following day.

When I picked my phone up the next morning I had a text message that could I push the time to 11 o’clock instead of 9 o’clock in the morning. That already upsets my schedule because I had another appointment in the afternoon for another home repair. After carefully considering the situation I agree to go to home at 11 o’clock to pick up the door on my way to the other home repair and consolidate both jobs at the same time and then return the door later that afternoon.

Only a hour later she texted me that she could not let me in the house until 12 o’clock at which time I responded back to her saying that I could no longer help her because her timing.

We are a professional carpentry and painting business trying to hand over quality results in a timely manner.

Door repairs and replacements become more economically feasible the more doors there are to be worked on. Obviously if the handyman carpenter is going to work on one door where the door has to be totally fitted to size with door hinges and doorknob and possibly has to be either narrowed little bit OR shortened a little bit this all takes time and also it creates a certain amount of wood dust and debris which all has to be addressed by either doing the repair off premises or covering up the entire area that is being worked on and then vacuuming at the end.

Obviously our is businesses “professional painting and carpentry”and we do need satisfied customers. We will try to go under way to satisfy everyone’s needs but only to the point where it makes sense.
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