Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

dryer vent cleaning equipment

dryer vent cleaning equipment

Here is some of the dryer vent cleaning equipment we incorporate in every one of our duct cleaning jobs
·very powerful dust extracting vacuum system like you must have very high suction power to be able to draw  lint from your dryer vent pipes
· high powered commercial half-inch drill to run long extensions of Rotary broom to clean out ductwork
· a brush wand to be able to access lint in dryer and pipes
· some dryer vent cleaning kits including wand extensions to attach or to brush head
· four-inch vent pipe "Y" adapter for specialty cleaning of the dryer vents
· assortment of sizes brushes to accommodate different sizes of vent pipes for dryers.

 And of course, a reliable vent cleaning technician that will be able to operate the specialized dryer vent cleaning equipment

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Your dryer duct is a fire hazard; here's how to clean it.

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