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Mississauga handyman services include drywall contractors that will do drywall installations and repairs. Most the time our drywall Repair do home repairs. Where there is some damaged drywall that has to be replaced or plastered. Other reasons why you might need drywall contractors is when you have water damage from a flood in the basement or a water leak through the ceiling.

In most cases, we do minor drywall repairs for things such as popped nails in the drywall where there is a bump in the drywall because the nail or screw was starting to come out pushing the drywall out causing a bump. This can be repaired by removing the plaster covering the drywall screw and then re-tightening the screw and then plaster over it. Other situations where you might need drywall contractors is when for example furniture has been moved and drywall has been damaged from being scraped against.

Any of these drywall repairs have to be done in such a way that when the drywall is painted the repair will not show up. Generally, when doing a drywall repair you can count on 2 or 3 applications of plaster to make it right. The 1st coat of plaster can be applied to fill the hole or fill the drywall tape or mesh tape and the second one to cover the area with an almost finished product. And finally, a third coat can be put on as a final coat to smooth out the repair and blend to the wall. The first 2 coats can be applied using a quick dry mix such as sheetrock 20 or sheetrock 90 which is a plaster that can be mixed up with water and takes either 20 minutes the dryer 90 minutes to dry. Quick note all the sanding time for both 20 minute and 90-minute plaster is the same almost. Any thickness other than a very thin coat will take up to 3 hours to dry and sand. The final coat of plaster can be applied with a premix that you would buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s. This plaster does not dry quickly or properly if used to plug holes or cracks is only for finishing. It leaves a nice smooth finish on an already relatively smooth wall and should not be applied very thick that is why they called a skim coat or sanding coat.

Our drywall contractors sometimes have to build walls to create partitions in rooms. So if you have a larger room that you want to divide into 2 putting a wall up is a good idea.

On occasion, the homeowner will want to make an opening in a wall, for example between the kitchen and the living room. This will give both the kitchen and the living room and more modern design feel to it. These days everybody likes the open concept. Not only does creating a passageway or an opening between 2 rooms makes it easier to use the rooms without going around but also gives the area a larger feeling of space. Also, there might be more lighting shared between the rooms.





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