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Drywall Repair

Drywall Damage

When doing drywall repair watch this example of a man doing drywall repair.

Cut a drywall patch from a piece of repair drywall, that will cover the damaged area. Scribe out the drywall repair and cut out drywall damage with a utility knife.

Common causes of drywall damage, are drywall compound (joint compound) and joint tape separation.

Things to consider when dealing with water damaged drywall repair .

You might need a plumber

You might have a plumbing leak at which point you need to call a plumber for your plumbing leak. Unless you are a qualified DIY plumber and you trust your work is better to call the plumber to make sure you have no leaks down the road. If the plumbing does leak and a professional plumber did the job for you you can always call him back I am sure they have warranties on their work.

We get lots of calls from people who have drywall damage (water stains, because of some water leaking in from above.

A typical repair drywall (loose tape or damaged walls) query would be how to repair and to fix the surface of the water-damaged drywall.

 To repair drywall one should be equipped with a number of tools to fix the patch or the hole on the ceiling or the surface of the wall.

Since water moves in the least resistant path often it runs along the edges of the gypsum board connections. Gypsum board is the drywall in your walls. The wall in your home is most probably this.

Mississauga handyman knows how to fix the wall with our drywall repair techniques. Drywall with drywall compound is the most common drywall patch technique. The drywall compound has easy sanding properties. This is the easiest way how to fix the patch or corner bead. On small holes and cracks, it just takes a swipe with the putty knife to fix the patch area.

The joint compound was separating, causing Damaged drywall.

The customer called Mississauga handyman drywall repair this morning wanted to get the ceiling repaired because of some water damage. The joint tape was coming away from the drywall surface because the joint compound had given way on the gypsum board. All the drywall has to have a good drywall compound on all of the drywall connections. The joint compound is the main substance used here. The joint compound is sandable and easy to apply using a plastering blade. Usually, we place three coats of joint compound over a joint with consecutively larger size plastering blades.

Damaged ceilings

Many times after there has been some damage done to the ceiling through water damage or some type of mechanical damage, the homeowner decides to go ahead and do popcorn ceiling removal.

Make sure what caused your water damage has been repaired.

It's good advice to make sure that whatever caused the damage to your ceiling has been fixed. I asked the person if the thing that caused the damage was repaired or not. He told me he didn't know what caused the drywall damage which means in turn that there is one of two things that could have caused this water damaged ceiling. One thing that could have caused the water damage to the ceiling below is a bathtub or a toilet overflowing or something flowing down onto the floor. This type of thing is strictly an accident and you just have to be careful not to overflow the bathtub or do something else that would cause the water to spill onto the floor.

Make sure your DIY repairs were done right

The other thing might be that you have bad sealing between your shower and your walls or your shower tray at the bottom is not being sealed off correctly to the surrounding walls or floor. As the water runs down the wall it might be seeping into cracks on your shower wall or seeping into a crack at the very bottom where the shower wall meets the shower tray where you stand. So you have to check to make sure that all the partions and everything caulk in and sealed not allowing water to penetrate behind. Other considerations might be that your internal pipes behind the shower wall might be leaking.

Accidents happen your toilet overflows

If by accident your toilet overflowed make sure to soak up and wipe up all the water as soon as possible because it will seep down through the floor even though it doesn't look like his draining quickly it will eventually get through. So the best advice here is to make sure that you do have a toilet overflow to clean up quickly.

Investigate what might be causing a problem if it is not evident

If you don't see any evidence of water visibly on the floor or around your fixtures but you do have definitely a leak of some kind coming through from the ceiling you also might have some kind of an external roof leak or chimney leak. It is wise to have a roofer to make sure that all your flashings and you're caulking and of course, your shingles are in good condition. And the other option is also to make sure that your plumbing is intact and not leaking possibly a crack pipe or a bad fitting.

Mississauga handyman will repair any damaged ceiling. But recommend that you use a professional licensed plumber to do any serious home plumbing that you might need doing.


Joint compound – joint compound    It is a sandable material used in plastering drywall. Joint compound is sandable to make drywall smooth and also joint compound covers over top of paper tape or fiber tape.

Damage drywall –  This is where any parts of the wall with drywall damage that are made of drywall/gypsum board is scratched or dented or drywall cracks, small holes or protruding or nail pops or screw pops

Utility knife – utility knife is a sharp extendable adjustable sharp blade. You can break the end of the segment of the utility knife to give it a fresh new point

Drywall screws –  drywall screws come in different sizes but generally if you are running the drywall screw through half-inch drywall you can use a 1 1/4 inch drywall screw and we suggest the course thread.

Sand smooth –  is good practice to sand smooth the drywall repair. You should send over everything from a corner bead, small holes or a pop nail or a large hole. It is important to sand smooth, so it does not show up through the surrounding paint. Applying a thin layer will make it easier to sand smooth.

Lightweight joint compound - recommended because lightweight joint compound is lighter and easier to sand smooth.

Corner bead –  Corner bead is a drywall edge finish either made of plastic or metal with perforated holes on both sides of the angle which can be screwed on or glued on with drywall compound. Most probably your drywall project has corner bead on the edges or corners.

Apply joint compound –  Apply joint compound – when you apply joint compound generally in most cases three coats are required. You first apply the mesh tape over the surface covering the crack or the joint and then you apply thin coat of compound to cover the mesh tape then sand lightly. You should do this for a second coat after the first coat. This can be done on either a small hole or large holes the same way. A large hole might require as in the video above and piece of drywall to be inserted. Then you cover the joints with mesh tape or paper tape.

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