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Drywall repair is a very common occurrence. Damaged drywall can be caused by a number of things. It can be accidental or deliberate

· Water damage can be one reason for having your sheetrock repaired. When water soaks your sheetrock and gets your sheetrock wet you could have a couple of different problems. If the gypsum board just got momentarily wet you might end up with just a stain on the ceiling that can be sealed and covered up with stain sealer and then paint. But if the water was more damaging and got the wall even more soaked than you might have to do some drywall repair and replacement.

· Trades such as electricians or plumbers working on internal stuff between your walls or your ceiling and floor cutting holes for running waters or putting in new taps or such things. On occasion, people might want to install pot lights where the electrician had made mistakes on the holes locations are made too many holes.

· Sometimes people remove shelving or other items off walls that were either screwed on with anchors for some other attaching devices that created holes. Some small holes are relatively easy to fix but if the holes are larger requires a little bit more expertise and practice covering the whole very small holes can be covered in with

Drywall repair

Drywall repair screen mesh to cover holes

“hot mix" a dry plaster compound which dries within minutes and is sandable. If the holes are little larger than that then there are hole screens. Which come in different sizes from 4 in.² to 8 in.². This screen is a very hard screen and gives the wall rigidity when plastered.

Many times we come out to repair walls caused by situations of anger management where someone in a rage punches the wall.
Sometimes corners of walls get damaged where we have to replace the corner of the wall with a corner bead which gives the corridor some extra strength. The corner beads are usually made out of metal. But they can also be purchased as a paper product which can be plastered on and is reinforced with metal edges again giving the corner a little extra strength.

Drywall repair

Drywall repairs with reinforced paper tape with metal corner

Mississaugahandyman also goes in to flatten out walls where there are or were a number of drywall repair jobs done badly. Sometimes we have to remove the bumps and humps created by bad plastering work and sometimes we have to plaster over walls that have had faux finishes on them and have many brush marks that were shown through the paint. Clearly do a level V plaster job means skim coat the entire wall with a fresh thin coat of plaster giving the wall a new look.

Hopefully, you have learned something about plaster repair here from us at Mississaugahandyman.

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