Ceiling Design , Home Repair on Stucco Ceiling Mississauga and Toronto

Ceiling Design New Concept Ceiling Stucco  There is a relatively newer concept in stucco ceiling design and that is the knockdown style some homebuilders are applying, this to give the living space a different look from the old typical popcorn type of ceiling. When considering doing your ceiling in your living room or dining room or […]

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Home Repair : How to Patch and Drywall Repair

Home Repair: Fix that Hole In the Drywall Home Repair Needed To Fix Drywall. Nasty Drywall Damage this situation could be caused by anything from someone punching a hole through the wall with heavy object or something falling against the wall.[/caption] Amongst one of the things that are included in home repair is is drywall […]

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Getting rid of a stucco ceiling. The Stucco Ceiling Removal

Stucco Ceiling Removal If your home has stucco, Make the ceiling smooth and  you are interested in Stucco upper surface removal and you're tired of looking at it it looks old mid 70's and you would like to update your home with nice fresh upper surfaces then it's time to remove them. Stucco Ceiling Elimination […]

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fixing stucco ceiling

Fix up Your Stucco Ceiling Fix up Your Stucco Ceiling Stucco ceiling repairs arise from damaged drywall cause by either water leaks from above or in this case the electrician had made a series of holes installing pot lights damaging areas of the stucco ceiling. Some drywall repair had to be done in the areas […]

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Tips, how to repair drywall

Tips, on how to repair drywall You are looking at your damaged wall and thinking about ways to repair drywall Drywall Over Damaged Plaster If you have cracked plaster, you can try to repair it. It is possible for an unskilled homeowner to repair the cracks, but to get a seamless look that mirrors the […]

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How to do Stucco ceiling repairs

Stucco ceiling repair Is a repair no one looks forward to. Ceiling repairs that have popcorn sprayed on them. Sometimes this repair only involves painting and other times it requires extensive drywall repairs. Water damage Is the most common reason for damage ceilings. When the bath tub overflows or if the toilet overflows or even […]

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House Painting Tips

One can enjoy a house painting project. It may be painting the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen. But before dipping your brush in a can of paint, know the dos and don’ts when painting, and then be ready for color ideas. Following and learning the painting process makes a good house painter. House Painting […]

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Factors when selecting interior paint colors

Does your home need a facelift? Now is a good time to look at the list of things that need to be done and choose the tasks that can be completed. Changing the color scheme or just painting to freshen up the look of the home is easy to put off each year. As you […]

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Kitchen Painting service

Are you considering kitchen painting/kitchen cabinets painting? The kitchen is considered the heart of a home and the busiest of all the rooms. It is where meals are cooked and consumed every day, and is where people gather during parties. Since the kitchen is the busiest room, and painting it is a major undertaking, have […]

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What to know about Stucco Repairs & Stucco Removal

Stucco ceilings look great when they are fresh and new. Unfortunately, time will take its toll on these stuccoed ceilings and things will happen such as ceiling scrapes and water damages. Recently a customer had brought in a Christmas tree and scratched the stucco from the ceiling with the tree as they were bringing it […]

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