Dust-Free Drywall Repair

Dust-Free Drywall Repair

The part of working with drywall that creates the most dust is sanding wall compound once it hardens and dries.
This post should more accurately be called Dust Free Drywall repair because whether you are repairing drywall, taping new drywall, skim coating a surface with drywall compound, or removing a popcorn (interior stucco) ceiling some form of sanding will be used to finish the job.

Dust-free drywall repair and sanding, as well as dust-free stucco removal,l is possible. There are a number of different methods and tools available for an interior renovator or DIY homeowner.  To get a nice smooth finish from your joint compound.

At Mississauga Handyman Drywall repair we mostly use what we have found to be by far the most effective means of dust-free drywall sanding. The Festool Drywall Sander LHS-E 225 EQ PLANEX. This device works in tandem with a dust collecting cyclone and a shop vac and is amazingly effective at sanding out drywall surfaces and removing stucco dust free. But it takes an investment of a couple of thousand dollars to be set up with such sophisticated professional machinery.

Small repairs

Wet sanding using various sponge sanders is a good cost-effective option for dust-free small drywall repairs. Unfortunately, this method is not practical for large repairs, large areas of newly taped drywall or any large areas are given a level-5 (skim coated) surface.

Dust Control vs. Dust Free

As already mentioned Mississauga Handyman has gone through great lengths and expense to incorporate a sophisticated professional dust control system allowing us to work virtually dust-free. Homeowners really appreciate the dust-free aspect of our service.

However, using traditional sanding methods in conjunction with the Dust Control Wall Compound greatly reduces the “dust cloud” effect that comes from using a standard wall compound. Dust Control Wall Compound is formulated to create slightly denser dust particles once sanded. Heavier dust particles fall straight to the ground.

Dust clean up after sanding is still necessary, but made much easier as the dust is contained to the area where the sanding occurred. And homeowners are happy that the usual plume of drywall dust does not spread throughout their home.

Dust-free mudding and tapping method

There is a very time-consuming method of working with drywall compound that requires little to no sanding and therefore creates little to no dust. The time involved, and the level of craftsmanship necessary, to successfully pull off a professional finish makes this not a very good option.

However, it is still an interesting method worth knowing about. Check out this youtube video demonstrating the method

Time-consuming method of dust-free drywall sanding
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