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House painting or condo painting, both the same thing basically requires a few steps to a completed paint job. After the initial meeting with your Painters in Mississauga, you must set up a time to perform the painting work. Usually, the paint job can be scheduled for a few days to a week in advance normally speaking. This way the homeowner needs time to prepare their home for the scheduled painting work. When house painting things have to be organized and put away for safekeeping for this process to be done safely and quickly. If the homeowner needs help and collecting and putting away such things as pictures, flower vases, ornaments, statues, books, candle holders and so on all these things have to be put away nicely somewhere safe. Our crew can help with this and help you pack it neatly to keep it safe.

Preparing the house for painting for a Fast Painting Service
this is where truly professional house painters shin. A good painter will be able to recognize and identify any irregularities such as cracks in the walls or holes in the walls or gaps in the baseboards or door casings or possibly window casings and know how to fix them. We use various types of repair compounds for fixing all kinds of damages on walls or doors for baseboards. On walls, we use a dry mix compound that dries quickly and is very sandable so it can be sanded smooth to the wall. Sometimes it takes multiple coats of plaster to achieve a nice smooth finish. Knowing what kind of plaster and the speed it dries it is important to do a quick efficient job. With the years of experience, we have we know exactly what to put on and how much. Sometimes some holes need more than just plaster. In this case, we use drywall tape to cover cracks in the wall. Sometimes we use fiber mesh tape and sometimes we use paper tape. The paper tape is good for doing corners of walls because the fiber tape does not bend in the middle. Fiber tape is excellent for cracks that appear every year when the house expands and contracts seasons and humanity.

Preparing trim
here too there are many things to look at when painting wood trim. As the years go on the wood trim start separating away from the wall which is one big problem and the other problem is that the miters of the 90° joints of your door casings and window casings sometimes open up. As a rule of thumb, we usually sand the entire door casing and frame to a smooth finish and then we inspect for holes, popping nails, splinters in the wood, cracking wood. Here are some quick info on trim painting, Paint-Trim

We have special wood repair compounds we apply to the door frame which will fix the cracks or holes. If you have any nails popping out we use a nail set to put the nail back in. Then we cover the nail hole with some putty. If your door casing is not sitting flush to the wall we will fill the gap with a latex gap filler most commonly called Alex plus which is a very common painters caulking.

Stucco Ceiling Painting Or Repairs, Stucco Ceiling Removal
Stucco ceilings, if they have never been painted before, should always be painted with an oil-based paint or at least a hybrid paint which is a mixture of oil and latex paint simply put. When you paint a stucco the first time with latex paint you will end up dissolving the stucco since stucco is a water-soluble material and will dissolve on contact with water. As the paint roller goes back and forth it will moisten and loosen the popcorn in the stucco and you will end up with one big mess on your ceiling. So it is always advisable when in doubt painted with oil. If you have a stain on your ceiling it must be taken care of prior to painting with a special stain-blocking primer which can be either plied with a roller if it is a large area or can be sprayed on with a spray can. This stain-blocking primer usually dries within minutes and you can proceed with your ceiling painting. Painting stucco is a relatively dirty process that requires everything to be covered since the stucco is rough and will cause the roller to splatter. It is advisable to use cloth drop sheets on the floor because the splatter if it goes on a plastic drop sheet you will end up walking through the house with paint on the soles of your shoes causing more headaches. Or take off your shoes before you exit the room. Oil paints after painting a stucco will dry approximately in about 3 or 4 hours. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do with the order because oil paints are strong in the smell so keep the windows open while painting.

Interior House Painting By Our Fast Painting Service
Now once all your preparation work is done on the walls on your trim in your home next is the painting. All the repairs now will be primed with a good quality latex primer after all the plaster repairs have been sanded. We usually use a find high-quality paint roller to spot prime all the areas that the drywall repairs were done. If you don't do good priming on the spot they will show through on the final coat of paint.

Top-Quality Paints Used by Our Fast Painting Service
Here is one of our trade secrets. We are just like everyone else if the paint is no good we're no good. It takes too much work and effort to make a good job with the bad paint. We usually use either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint. We don't like to use discount paints for that reason and also we don't like to have the homeowner supply some discount paint that they bought discounted in the store. A lot of our customers tried to get away with supplying paint a bad that was in the mix-tint section in the paint store.

Tools Used by Our Fast Painting Service
Mississaugahandyman always uses the best quality painting tools. Our paint rollers range from 13 mm to 19 mm. We usually use 9-inch rollers with a very high-quality cage that retains the roller sleeve was out sliding off all the time. When Mississauga painters are using a high-quality paint roller the paint applies easily and quickly without leaving any trailing marks on either side of the roller. Of course, it takes some practice in handling the paint roller to ensure that the paint is put on smoothly and evenly throughout the strokes. We usually do a W pattern on the wall and then fill it in going forward. So imagine you are quickly writing a W with your paint roller on the wall and then going over that again to fill in all the missed areas. The idea of the “W” pattern is to basically get the paint on the wall and then when you go over it you will pick the paint up as the roller passes over the wet areas which fill in the W. So when you do a series of these your walls will be evenly coated throughout.

Painting House Trim – Doors – Windows – Baseboards
After all the preparation, caulking and plastering and sanding is done to your trim Mississaugahandyman painting will use high-quality semigloss paint. Again using either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints. There is nothing worse than paintbrush marks on a piece of beautiful wood trim. We have painted so many places where the previous painter had used a cheap latex paint meeting all kinds of brush marks on the doorframes which caused us nothing but a lot of hard work sanding out all the brush marks. Again our technique in painting wood trim in a house comes with a certain amount of talent and experience. The biggest suggestion and trick I might say is don't be cheap with the paint put lots on but put only as much as the surface will take without running, sagging or dripping.

Other Services By Mississaugahandyman Painting And Carpentry
We also do kitchen cabinet painting where we can transform your old dull looking kitchen cabinets into a modern magazine-worthy kitchen design. It's amazing how the color change and changing the hardware like your knobs and handles on your kitchen cabinet doors can make the world of difference. Today's trend for kitchen cabinet painting is to paint the cabinets white in color. White paint gives it a fresh appearance and hides any minor deficiencies. After the cabinet painting is done you have the option to change all the hardware if you so wish. The kitchen cabinet painting is done in multiple steps. First, all the doors are removed from the kitchen cabinets. They are marked and placed an order to be able to reinstall them in the proper opening. We decrease all the cabinet surfaces ensuring that there is no grease anywhere that the paint won't stick to. After the degreasing is done we sand all the doors to ensure that the paint grips the surface. We next use an appropriate primer in some cases and in other cases we just simply use 2 or 3 coats of the kitchen cabinet finish coat. We set up a workstation where we can individually sand and paint each door individually paying attention to the quality of the work this means there will be no brush or roller marks if we are hand-painting the kitchen cabinets. There are special paint and tools to be able to perform this seamless paintwork.
On the other hand, the entire kitchen cabinet can be spray-painted where the entire kitchen has to be masked off. The cabinet carcasses have to be spray painted in place in the kitchen cabinet doors can be sprayed separately in another location. This is the more expensive method of the two approaches. Spray painting is marginally better than manually painting but it's about 2 times as much money or possibly 3 times depending on the size of the kitchen.
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