fixing stucco ceiling

Fix up Your Stucco Ceiling

Fix up Your Stucco Ceiling

Fixing stucco ceilings are no problem
Watch your original at : No problem we can fix your stucco ceiling

Stucco ceiling repairs

arise from damaged drywall cause by either water leaks from above or in this case the electrician had made a series of holes installing pot lights damaging areas of the stucco ceiling.

Some drywall repair had to be done in the areas that the electrician had probed to locate the right spot for the light and areas where he had cut the hole and damaged the surrounding stucco.

We had to replaster over areas that was going to be re-sprayed with stucco to make the ceiling consistent. After the plaster dried we have to prime that area to give the drywall a consistent white background giving the ceiling a uniform look with no blotchy look.

To make the stucco ceiling look even inconsistent to start with we spot sprayed all the bare spots lightly(this gives that spot some body). After a while when that spot has firmed up we re-spray the entire ceiling with a light dusting of stucco spray creating a uniform consistent even look throughout the ceiling.

In this particular instance this was a dirty ceiling that even if it had spray on it what you did in this case because the kitchen was in the same room and cooking vapors and fumes were already in the stucco. So when the entire ceiling got re-sprayed with stucco and had dried there was a certain amount of blotchiness because of stains from the cooking.

Ceiling painting

Have to be done here because we had to make the entire ceiling look even. When you are painting over fresh stucco you have to paint with a oil base/ alkyd paint or primer. If you attempt to paint with a water-based latex paint you are more than likely going to damage the stucco because the stucco is water soluble. The only other way of painting the ceiling would be to spray it. But then you’re defeating the purpose by spraying it with latex because the stain will still come through the paint. We generally use a flat ceiling oil paint for this purpose. The flatter the paint is, the better it looks.

If you are interested in having any stucco ceiling repair done. whether you want to repair it. a scratch on the ceiling or there is water damage on the ceiling or. you want to remove the. ceiling give us a call at 416-568-3547

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