Freshen up paint for home staging

Your Real Estate Agent Suggests Painting for Home Staging

a lot of people don't know that many of the times they have to repaint their home with colors that will help sell their house.
Some of our home staging tips for most homeowners are quite basic.  Additionally, everyone likes a clean looking uncluttered living area. Furthermore, it will look even nicer if the wall clean and well painted with neutral colors preferably lighter colors that will reflect like more giving the room a larger cessation of space.
Upon arriving at the residence on showing day the yard should have nicely cut grass and shrubbery should be trimmed and all the exterior painting should be done indicating to the prospective purchaser that the house was well-maintained and kept up.

Front Entrance Door Painting

should be done very well making sure that the door looks excellent was nowhere marks or scratches. This is a very good sign for the customer. Many times people's front door has all kinds of scratches and nicks in them taking away from the doors looks. The door should open and close easily. If possible Mississauga handyman replaces the front door lock set with a new one which really sets the door off. Is a small investment to make compared to the whole picture, meaning that spending a couple hundred dollars might mean you sell the house sooner and for the price you're looking for. If those little things that people do look at that can make the difference.

Painting the Main Floor helps your home staging effort
 Main floor painting
this is one of things that people do is they paint the main floor as you walk into the front entrance where people remove their boots and whatever and touch the walls and get them dirty and then move on to either the living room or dining room or/ living dining combination. I hear that if you decide to check out these rental homes for perspective it could help you strick the right balance for staging your home. This the most important area on the first impression. If people feel warm about what they see at first then you have a good chance of showing the rest.

Washroom Painting

home staging with washroom painting

When home staging tidy up your washroom.

washrooms are another important area that people like to look at and comment on. You want to make sure that this area is totally clean no toothbrush sitting around and no toothpaste smeared anywhere. Make sure that your toilet bowl is clean, seat is clean and your toilet is functioning properly and not running. This also goes for make sure that your tops shut off properly and your shower works properly. The shower curtain should be clean or buy new ones just to make sure that they are very good-looking and you might consider buying new formats around the top and the toilet are this will be a nice little touch. When they see this room and the condition it is in they will be happy but the rest of the house because it will give the impression that you are very tidy and clean. Sometimes the washrooms have to be painted because of shower vapor and shower stains possibly mildew here and there have developed on the walls and tile. This is an ugly site and issued definitely removed prior to showing When painting washer walls make sure that there is no soap scum or hairspray overspray on the walls because the patient will not stick to that properly. In some cases, the owner or the previous owners had used silicone to caulk the counter to the wall and left an ugly mess and that does look good when showing the washroom/bathroom. When someone has silicone the countertop backsplash to the wall it takes some tedious effort to remove it. Removing the silicone requires a sharp box knife cutting from both top and side to remove it easily and smoothly. Then possibly you might have to use a little sandpaper to catch the rest which will ball up on the paper. Once all the silicone caulking has been removed then you can reapply some paintable Alex plus caulking in nice smooth even distribution with no stops just one continuous flow of wine it together. The smaller the caulking the better it will look. When the caulking is dried and then painter can paint a straight line up to or over the caulking to make it look even.

Kitchen Painting
 kitchen painting
this is another important area which should be definitely looked at. The kitchen should be neat and clean with very few if any items on the countertop on there for a few attractive displays. Here again, the kitchen countertop should be properly caulked in as described in the previous paragraph with the bathroom vanity countertop. The sink should be clean and empty and dishes put away. Remove any extra chairs and stands and other unnecessary items from the kitchen to make the kitchen look more accessible and larger and brighter. Many homes as time passes developed grease stains from greasy smoke coming from the stove. Also this greasy smoke builds up on kitchen cabinets. If you decide that you want to paint the kitchen cabinets a modern trendy color to complement the rest of the kitchen the cabinets have to be degrease before anything else. Painting the kitchen cabinets is quite an in-depth process. In short, the first thing has to be done is clean the entire kitchen cabinet including cabinets and doors with trisodium –phosphate cleaner which will remove greases and stains. After it has dried the cabinet doors have to be sanded and then dusted off and finally painted with two coats of kitchen cabinet coat paint. I have more information on kitchen cabinet painting in another post.


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