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Do you have a lengthy to-do list of home repairs and improvements, but lack the time or skills to tackle them yourself? If so, hiring professional handyman services Toronto might be the perfect solution. A reliable handyman can take care of various tasks, ensuring that your projects are completed to a satisfactory standard. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top handyman services in Toronto, the types of projects they handle, and provide tips for hiring the best handyman for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Find a reliable handyman service in Toronto with impeccable credentials and two-year warranty on work.

  • Get quotes from multiple services to compare prices, reputation, insurance & licensing.

  • Read reviews & testimonials for insight into quality of the professional’s workmanship.

Top Handyman Services in Toronto

A professional handyman in Toronto fixing a house

Quality work and timely completion of your home repair projects are achievable by finding the right handyman service. Some of the most highly-regarded Toronto handyman services include:

  • Mississauga handyman services Toronto handyman

  • My Go-2-Guy Handyman

  • Odd Job

  • Mr. Handyman

  • Fix-It Friend

  • On-Demand Handyman

    These top-notch dependable professionals offer the best handyman services, providing a wide range of services from repairs and installations to renovations for both residential and commercial properties. Affiliated with the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals and HomeStars Verified, these companies boast impeccable credentials and have been recipients of the HomeStars Best of Award for a consecutive 7 years. We highly recommend them for your next handyman work needs.

They also provide a two-year warranty on all electrical work completed by their technicians, further guaranteeing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mississauga handyman services toronto handyman

Mississauga handyman services is a professional handyman service that specializes in handling various tasks for residential, condominium, or commercial properties. They aim to get the job done right the first time, which saves you time and resources in the long run.

Mississauga handyman services utilizes an a la carte, task-based pricing system, allowing you to choose the services that best suit your needs. With a team of experienced handymen, Mississauga handyman is equipped to undertake any project, from odd jobs to large-scale tasks, regardless of size, and the business has earned a reputation for reliability and exceptional service quality. Simply create your “to do list” and let handyman in Mississauga handle the rest.

Home Improvement Projects Handled by Toronto Handymen

A professional handyman in Toronto doing home improvement projects

Toronto handymen are skilled in various home maintenance tasks, ensuring that your projects are completed to a satisfactory standard. For instance, Dan The Downtown Handyman services is a top-rated handyman service in Toronto Ontario, providing high-quality home repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. Adept at addressing a broad scope of technical issues, their team of proficient handymen can handle projects such as drywall installation, fixture replacement general repairs, and other home maintenance jobs.

Handymen are known for providing reliable services and being able to hire them to complete projects with meticulous attention to detail. Hiring a handyman offers several benefits:

  • Ensures that your projects are completed to a satisfactory standard on the initial attempt

  • Frees up your time and resources to focus on other tasks

  • Allows you to enjoy your newly improved living space without the stress of DIY projects

Drywall Repair and Installation

Handymen in Toronto, including North York, provide necessary services such as drywall repair and installation. Dan The Downtown Handyman services, a reliable handyman service provider in Downtown Toronto, offers these services to homeowners in need.

The typical cost of drywall repair in Toronto can vary from $350 to $500 or more, depending on the size and type of damage. Opting for a professional handyman for your drywall project guarantees a well-done job, which in turn saves you time and money.

Fixture Replacement

Fixture replacement is another common home improvement project that Toronto handyman services can take care of. Some examples of fixtures that handymen can replace include:

  • Leaky faucets

  • Loose doorknobs

  • Broken light fixtures

  • Faulty switches

  • Damaged cabinet handles

Handymen like Mississauga handyman services, known as the best handyman and go-to handyman service for a small handyman business, provide top-quality services for various home repair and maintenance tasks.

Hiring a professional handyman services guarantees efficient and proper replacement of your fixtures, reducing the risk of future issues and extending the lifespan of your fixtures.

Bathroom Renovations

A professional handyman services providing bathroom renovation services in Toronto

Bathroom renovations are an excellent way to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Handyman services in Toronto can assist you with tasks such as installing a new bathroom vanity, updating plumbing fixtures, and even completing full-scale bathroom remodels.

In planning a bathroom renovation, selecting durable and aesthetically pleasing materials like granite, quartz, ceramic tile, and natural stone is key to achieving a lasting and beautiful result.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Toronto

Popcorn ceiling removal is a popular service in Toronto, as many homeowners seek to modernize their homes and eliminate outdated ceiling textures. The process typically takes 2-4 days for smaller spaces and up to 10 days for larger residences, with an estimated cost of approximately $6 to $10 per square foot, including labor and materials.

Engaging professional handyman services for popcorn ceiling removal ensures a clean and efficient job, giving your home a fresh, updated look.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Asbestos testing and abatement are crucial steps in the popcorn ceiling removal process. Asbestos, a hazardous material, can pose serious health risks if inhaled. The procedure for asbestos testing in Toronto involves:

  1. Visual examination

  2. Sample acquisition

  3. Laboratory analysis

  4. Report production

The average cost of asbestos testing in Toronto is approximately $100.

Asbestos abatement is the process of safely removing and disposing of asbestos-containing materials. Proper abatement is necessary to ensure the safe removal of popcorn ceilings and prevent the release of asbestos fibers into the air.

Hiring a professional for asbestos testing and abatement guarantees the safe and effective completion of your popcorn ceiling removal project.

Cost Factors

The cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto can be influenced by various factors, such as the size of the room, the age of the ceiling, and the presence of asbestos. For instance, ceilings containing asbestos typically require specialized removal services, leading to a higher overall cost.

Additionally, the size of the room and the complexity of the job can impact the cost, with larger rooms requiring more materials and labor than small projects. Understanding these factors can help you plan and budget for your popcorn ceiling removal project accordingly.

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Handyman in Toronto

Consider several factors when hiring a handyman in Toronto to find the best professional for the job. A reliable handyman should possess qualities such as high-quality, high quality workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to suggest cost-effective and practical solutions.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined some tips below, including requesting quotes and comparing costs, as well as reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients. These steps will help you find a handyman who meets your specific needs and can deliver a satisfactory outcome for your home improvement projects.

Request Quotes and Compare

Requesting quotes from multiple handyman services in Toronto allows you to compare costs and services,(find the one that specializes in what you want)ensuring that you find the best professional for your needs. When you request a quote for general handyman call, be sure to include key details such as the scope of work, projected completion time, and cost of labor and parts.

A fair pricing well-informed decision in choosing a handyman for your project can be made by comparing quotes and considering factors like price, services offered, reputation, insurance, and licensing.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

A professional handyman in Toronto providing services for businesses

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the quality of work and reliability of a handyman service in Toronto. When assessing customer reviews, consider factors such as:

  • The quality of work

  • Reliability and punctuality

  • Communication and professionalism

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Pricing and value for money

Reading reviews and testimonials gives you a better understanding of the handyman’s reputation, aiding you in making a more informed decision when hiring a professional for your home improvement projects next jobs.

Handyman Services for Businesses in Toronto

Handyman services are not only beneficial for homeowners but can also provide invaluable assistance to businesses in Toronto. Companies like Odd Job offer a wide range of building maintenance and repair services for businesses, and residential homes including:

  • Plumbing repairs and installations

  • Electrical repairs and installations

  • Painting and drywall repairs

  • Carpentry and woodworking

  • Flooring installation and repairs

  • Furniture assembly

  • Office organization and storage solutions

These services ensure that your commercial property remains in excellent condition.

Some of the services provided by handymen for businesses in Toronto include:

  • Furniture assembly

  • Interior stain and paint

  • Plumbing

  • Drywall repair and maintenance

  • Electrical tasks

  • Window coverings

Businesses can maintain their property to the highest standard and focus on their core operations by hiring a professional handyman to get the job done right.


So to recap, hiring a professional handyman in Toronto can save you time, effort, and resources by ensuring that your home improvement projects are completed to a satisfactory standard. With a wide range of services available, from general home repairs to specialized tasks like popcorn ceiling removal, a reliable handyman can transform your living space and enhance the value of your property. By following the tips provided in this blog post, such as requesting quotes and comparing costs, as well as reading reviews and testimonials, you can find the best handyman for your needs and enjoy a stress-free home improvement experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do handyman charge per hour in Toronto?

Handymen in Toronto typically charge between $75 and $125 per hour, depending on the scope of work.

What do most handyman charge per hour?

On average, a handyman will charge $60-$75 per hour for independent services and around $125 per hour if employed by a company. The cost can vary depending on the size of the job and may have a minimum charge of $60-$100 or more.

How to find handyman services Toronto?

Check out the list of popular services to help you find the best handyman for your needs. Results are based on customer reviews and ratings so you can make an informed decision.

What types of home improvement projects can a handyman services in Toronto handle?

A Toronto handyman can handle many home improvement projects, such as drywall repair and installation, fixture replacement, bathroom renovations, popcorn ceiling removal, and building maintenance tasks for businesses.

What is the typical cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto?

The typical cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto is between $6 and $10 per square foot, including labor and materials.


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