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 Handyman Mississauga

: carpentry repairs and  installation.

Recently we were invited to do a washroom renovation and repair. This was a small three-piece washroom in the basement. Everything was laid out very tightly. There wasn’t much room for anything. The washroom was directly adjacent to the furnace.

Originally what happened here was the toilet flange was leaking and the owner tried repairing it and broke it. This caused a problem because there was a sub floor which have to be opened up to get at the toilet flange. When the sub floor was opened basically it had ruined the floor. The floor consisted of a 2 x 4 subfloor with a sheet of plywood laid over top and then laminated with vinyl flooring.

At this point the owner decided to upgrade the washroom and make it a little more efficient and better looking.

What the home owner needed was a handyman /carpenter to repair the toilet flange and this had to be done by removing the broken part chipping out the concrete beside the flange and removing the broken part and replacing it. Then it have to be re-cemented to secure the flange.

The next thing have to be done was to build the subfloor 2 x 4 studs laid out in such a way that the configuration of the room would support the two pieces of  three-quarter inch plywood which had to be cut out of one sheet. Since the sheet of plywood needed support on its ends subfloor framework 2 x 4 studs in the correct positions to be able to support the ends. And then of course some 2 x 4 bridges have to be installed to support the center section of the subfloor.

Once the sub floor was nailed down and secure then we roll the vinyl flooring over the glued floor. Make sure that there are no bubbles the floor use a small weighted roller.

Next there have to be a removable wall to access the furnace. The wall have to be made out of pegboard to allow air circulation to the furnace and also it have to be removable to allow servicing the furnace when the furnace duct cleaning service came out they would be able to remove the wall and do their work.

Finally there have to be a door installed to give the bathroom privacy. The door was a regular narrow hollow door from Home Depot that would fit the size and dimension allowed by the opening in the washroom.

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