Hire A Carpenter

 Hire a carpenter in Mississauga to do various interior trim work repairs or an exterior woodworking such as deck rebuilding and repairs.

Hiring a carpenter in Mississauga: for upgrading your interior trim of your home. Homes that were built back in the 60s or earlier are using the old-fashioned plain small trim profiles which are basically either a two or 3 inch flat molding was just a radius at one side. These flat moldings were used for door casings and baseboards and there were rather small. In those days it wasn’t fashionable to have large door casings and baseboards. Also there are many homes with flat slab doors and as you know now most homes that were built in the 70s. Now they are using colonial style doors with either two or three recessed panels in them.

To upgrade your existing home from this old style trim work, you can hire a carpenter for a for a few days to remove all your trim around your home and replace it with some contemporary three and three-quarter inch colonial baseboards which have a multi-grooved profile giving it some style. You can also remove the door casings with similar  style trim work to complement your baseboards.

At this point if you want it to you could purchase a new set of doors to match to match your  new baseboards and door casings.We had replaced even more recent with larger versions of the same profile.

Many customers especially in the spring time request repair work on their wood decks and fences, wood sheds and fence gates. Just recently we had a wood pool house that the raccoons had invaded. The raccoons had destroyed the roof causing the plywood on the roof to be removed and replaced and then re-shingled and also replace the wood floor because the animal had chewed it up to.

Another common exterior home repair would be rotten paneling under Windows such as bay windows and  bedrooms. Here many times the dormers stick out from t board and batten or e where either the boards or the plywood needs repair or replace.

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