4 Things to Consider before Starting a Ground-Level Home Exterior Painting Project

Some people might mistakenly consider themselves handy do-it-yourself types who know what they’re doing when it comes to painting the ground-level exterior of their homes—until they actually start a painting project and realize they’re in over their heads. To the untrained eye, it may seem like all you have to do is slap on a coat of paint to make things look pretty with little to know preparation, but painting the outside of a house is a lot more complicated than it seems. If you’re one of those people and you happen to live in Mississauga, then you should definitely consider either consulting or hiring a professional painter in your area, such as Mississauga Handyman. We have extensive experience painting ground-level projects like garage doors, porches, and railings, as well as staining decks.

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The following are four very important tips to consider before commencing an outdoor painting job.

Choose Suitable Weather

Weather patterns can vary drastically from one location to another, and this can have a huge impact on when it’s most appropriate to do any type of work on the exterior portion of your home. In most places, spring is typically the ideal time of year to embark on exterior home painting projects such as deck staining, railing painting, or garage door painting. The mild temperatures, low wind pressure, and light rays from the sun aren’t strong enough to prematurely dry out the paint and cause it to chip. Always keep an eye out for rain in the weather forecast. If it does rain, wait 24 hours before staining your deck or painting your garage door because most paints won’t adhere to wet surfaces.

Choose High-Quality Paints

The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to all kinds of unpredictable elements that are beyond your control and you need a paint type that’s potent enough to withstand all of them without posing an environmental or health hazard. Nowadays, water-based paints are most widely used by professional residential painters in Mississauga because of their high-potency formulas. Water-based paints that contain pre-mixed primer are an even better investment because they eliminate the guesswork of trying to figure out which primer is best suited for the paint you’re using since the manufacturers have already done that for you. If you’re using multiple cans of the same paint, you should box all the paint in one container to ascertain shade consistency when painting. That way, if you run out of paint midway through the project and need to purchase more, you can just add the new paint to the same container and mix it in.

Consider the Cost of the Paint

The reality is that every home renovation project comes with a potentially expensive price tag. Sometimes, there’s just no way of getting around it and it’s imperative that you’re prepared to pay more for higher quality products. Oil-based paints are usually less costly upfront than water-based paints. However, oil-based paints also don’t have as much stamina as water-based paints and they’re more prone to weakening and becoming yellow over time. Water-based paints protect against mould and mildew and they don’t crack or peel as easily over time. Also, the price of purchasing water-based paints with pre-mixed primer is comparable to purchasing the paint and primer separately. Keep in mind, you might underestimate how much paint you need in the beginning of the project and your might need to buy more throughout the painting process.

Consider the Safety Requirements

Hiring a professional house-painting company to paint your garage door, stain your deck, or paint your outdoor railings is a smart idea because professional painters are usually well-versed in practicing proper safety measures on the job. It might even be a good idea to consider talking to a siding replacement contractor if you feel like you need to renovate your siding along with a fresh coat of paint. If you were to paint your new siding, assuming you contact a siding contractor, the painters should be well-trained in how to properly grip and sand a staircase that’s been painted, and how to sufficiently tidy up a worksite, including removing all potentially dangerous obstacles and debris from the premises to eliminate the risks of injury.

At Mississauga Handyman, we have nearly 40 years of experience in painting and carpentry repairs, which is why we’re regarded as one of the best paint contractors in Mississauga. We extend our professional and high-quality services to Toronto and the rest of the GTA as well. For more information about our comprehensive services or to get a free estimate, please contact us.

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