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Home Improvement and Repair

Mississauga handyman Home Improvement got called last week to fix a water damaged powder room and repaint a ceiling in the kitchen

Chatting with the homeowner I discovered that the house painter they used was employed by a professional painting company in Mississauga. That company was hired to do some house painting on the second floor of this home. He painted the four bedrooms and two washrooms. The wall painting was very well done. Paintbrush lines were straight at the ceiling and there were no roller marks and all the walls were in perfect condition afterward. And the washroom painting was done also very nice with no paint on any mirrors or on things like towel rack holders and paper towel holders. He even painted behind the toilets properly. The homeowner was impressed and asked him and asked him if he would come back later to do some more work. He then told them do not call his company but call him directly, presumably this man was about to start his own painting business.

A few months later they call this house painter and asked him if he would come in and paint the powder room and kitchen ceiling. And he did later on.

Mississauga handyman home improvement was contacted instead of this man because they lost confidence in his ability to do a good job. I saw that they were very unhappy with the kitchen ceiling painting. The kitchen ceiling paint job was blotchy and had obvious paint misses. Spots that were flat and there were some spots there were still shiny from the previous paint job.

The reason we were also called, there was a water leak in the powder room where a portion of the ceiling had gotten soaked with water and a bit of the wall was also damaged. We have to do the drywall repair by removing some of the water damaged drywall. After all the loose drywall was pulled down the broken edge had to be straightened out to accommodate a new piece of drywall. Try to make the replacement drywall as perfect as possible to fit into the opening. This makes for an easier drywall plastering job. Usually what we do is we apply a fiber tape over the joint which is self-sticking and it will stay there until the drywall compound is applied. It’s easy to put the drywall fiber take on at the right length and then just cut it where you need with a sharp blade. The first coat of plaster is a relatively thin coat just to fill in the little mesh squares and secure the tape to the drywall. The second coat is to cover up the drywall tape and spread out the plaster little further out to both sides of the tape. The third coat should be your finishing coat which will cover up and even out all the plastering. If you do a fine job and don’t leave globs of plaster everywhere you should only have to sand this one time. The trick is not to try to cover the drywall fiber tape in one shot that won’t work. Occasionally some of the strands in the fiber tape end up getting loose causing problems. I usually cut out the strands so they don’t get into the way of the next coat of plastering.

The materials I use for quick drywall repairs if sheetrock 20 which sets in about 20 minutes and can be recoated as soon as it sets up. I usually do two coats of this to get the basic base down, (this means of securing the drywall tape and putting the first coat on). Then there is an option you can either use sheetrock 90 or just regular drywall plastering compound (ready mix) for your final coat. This usually dries by the end of the day so you can give it a light sanding. The same operation goes for your corner intersections where the ceiling and the wall meet. Here you have to use paper tape which has a crease in the middle that you fold in half creating the drywall corner. You apply the sheetrock 20 if you have a small area but if you have a larger area of corners to install it’s better to use sheetrock 90 which gives you more time to be able to do the corners. Sheetrock 90 as the name indicates means that it sets in 90 minutes. That doesn’t mean it can be sanded in 90 minutes, just sets. And then you can go over it with either another batch of sheetrock 90 or regular drywall compound if needed.

 Home Improvement Drywall Ceiling

Home Improvement Fresh Drywall on Ceiling

Again here the trick to this house improvement is that the better job you do with each plastering the easier it will be for the finishing (sanding and smoothing of the drywall) if you leave a lot of lumps and just simply plaster over top of them you’ll have two problems. The first problem is that you will have a massive buildup of excessive plaster creating a hump or bump in the drywall and secondly you’ll be sanding and sanding and sanding making all kinds of dust getting tired of nothing.

Inspecting your drywall repair,

We usually use a light just to inspect to make sure that the surface is flat and that there are no rough sanding spots that were left out. And if so then you can continue sanding until smooth. Once you’re satisfied with your drywall repair, the next step is to prime. The primer should dry in an hour or two, give it a quick sanding with a fine sandpaper just to make sure that there are no particles of dust or irregularities in the paint. Now that your drywall ceiling has been primed and sanded go ahead and put your final coat of white ceiling paint on.

Wall painting,

 Home Improvement Powder Room of Freshly Painted

Home-Improvement, Powder Room Freshly Painted

If you haven’t done a good job and your corners are good then you are brushwork between the wall and ceiling should be excellent. We brushed in all the corners and around the edges of the window and door and light fixture and above the baseboard in this powder room. If it is a color change then you should paint brush everything two times and this ensures you will not have any “boxing” on the walls. Next, it is time to apply the paint with medium nap roller. Mississauga handyman usually uses Benjamin Moore Regal paint . These things either premium line and are the best quality for these types of rooms.

Now you’re done all you do is clean up and put everything back into place. Interestingly enough many times when we are painting someone’s washroom usually the washroom is cleaner after we leave then when we arrive. We clean up the countertop/sink and faucet and also clean the backsplash if there is one and that, of course, the floor. Make it nice and tidy and fresh looking for the customer.




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