Carpentry and drywall repair in Mississauga and Brampton

Mississauga handyman does carpentry and drywall repair. Mississauga and Brampton for the last 30 years carpentry and drywall repair Looking For Drywall Repair Service In Mississauga There are many reasons to call Mississauga Handyman for drywall repair. Water damage is the biggest culprit. Just recently we were called in to do a repair in a […]

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soundproofing walls between rooms

Soundproofing walls between rooms Can make your life a little more peaceful. When soundproofing walls some extra steps have to be taken. In addition to building a regular partition wall. Build your wall as you would with wood or steel studs 16 inches apart from center to center which is a standard in the industry. Place […]

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Mississauga Handyman Offers a Wide Array of Painting Solutions

        Mississauga Handyman, a house painting company, is providing a variety of services for residential and commercial properties in Ontario. They make a range of solutions available to help their clients avoid hassles and save money. People in the city can transform their homes or commercial establishment into an appealing space. They […]

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Home repair Mississauga

Home repair Mississauga Painting and carpentry   Want it done right? Call Mississauga handyman 416-568-3547 Here are some of the things that are house repair Mississauga services do. Just, for example, someone called in because they had a problem with the attic access. There is usually a plywood wall installed to retain all the insulation. […]

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New bathroom vanities for your bathroom

Want to upgrade your bathroom with a choice of bathroom vanities? People get tired of their old outdated and worn out bathroom vanities and are looking for something new fresh and change the way your bathroom feels and looks.You want to go into a nice clean fresh looking bathroom in the morning that is neat and […]

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Barn door hardware and installation

Thinking about a barn door hardware and installation  of course, I'm not meaning this for a barn but to modernize and give your home a different taste. A lot of people are looking for something to do with our home to give it a little bit different look and this is definitely the ticket to […]

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Seeking Mississauga Handyman Workers

  Seeking Mississauga Handyman Workers   for the local area Contact: Vic Nagy Company: Mississauga Handyman Address: 3778 Corliss Crescent, Mississauga, ON L4T Contact Number: (416) 566-3547 Email: Website: Mississauga  home repair Expert House Painters and Carpenters Currently Offer Work Opportunities for Handyman Workers Mississauga Handyman, the city’s leading painting, and carpentry service provider […]

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Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas -Kitchen cabinet painting near me

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, painting them is an inexpensive way to give the room a facelift. Check out our painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

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Mississauga handyman -kitchen cabinet painting near me

After only a few years of constant use, something in your kitchen will not work properly. The doors may be crooked. The drawers may not close properly. The toe kick will be discoloured and damaged by water. You may have children or grand children hanging off your lower cabinet / cupboard doors. 
There is no job too small. We can repair one door, and colour match it to the original cabinets. Any kind of...

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minor repairs on your home

Minor repairs on your home can be anything from fixing a door lock to repairing drywall damages. Mississauga handyman services do a wide variety o minor repairs. If you are looking to get something fixed or repaired such as a broken door or possibly just simply want to make pleased with a new door Mississauga […]

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