Building Maintenance

I had a building superintendent call us this week asking us to look into repairing a walkway ceiling. Between two buildings outside. This was a texture ceiling approximate 20' x 30' and approximately about 8 feet high. Since this was a canopy type walkway it had a roof on which was a flat roof and […]

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Floor Staining

Get Your Floor Staining Project Done Right The First Time Mississauga Handyman recently did a small renovation work where an opening was made between the kitchen and dining/living room area, which made the space quite a bit larger and more open. Where the existing wall was between the kitchen and living room there has to […]

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Mississauga interior painters and carpenters Serving Mississauga, Oakville

Mississauga interior painters and carpenters Mississauga Painters Mississauga handyman is a professional Mississauga indoor painters and carpenters carpentry business only who deal strictly with an interior painting which would include such things as changing the color of your room since a lot of people like to change their surroundings occasionally to freshen up their space. […]

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Buying A House

Buying a house is a big deal, a very big deal if you're just starting off. But you have to start somewhere. Buying a house is like seeding for the future. There is no time better than as soon as you can purchasing a house. No matter what they say what the news says about […]

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Home improvements planning for spring.

Winter, sooner or later is going to come to an end and you will be looking at some projects around your house or Home that will need either some painting or carpentry work. · full-service House painting or condo painting is our main service  we offer a complete professional (since 1979) home decorating. Painting a few key […]

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Condo painting

Yes we do professional Condo painting Every year, many of the condos we paint are at Young Street and Harborfront in Toronto Ontario. A lot of these condos are repaints and some of them are renovations. Many of these customers want to have their Stucco Ceiling removal and some want to have them just painted, […]

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Choosing the Right Tools for Your House Painting Project

Even if you are only a novice, you can turn a simple-looking room into something that was worked on by professional house painters. The most essential part of the project is to have the right tools and equipment that are needed to implement the task of house painting properly. If you are not familiar with […]

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Carpenters For Hire

carpentry work and carpentry repair is  one of our services offered by Mississauga handyman, there are many different things a carpenter can do. Some carpenters are general carpenters and don't specialize in any particular type of work and then there are special dedicated workers who only work on certain aspects of carpentry. Kitchen Cabinet Door Repairs […]

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house painting mississauga-Painting Exterior

House Painting Mississauga -exterior painting there are two types of house painting Mississauga paint jobs. The first one is a regular repaint which is the easiest version. This type of exterior paint job is done when basically all your home needs is a coat of paint over your dulling existing paint job. The dulling is […]

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Home Improvement Projects Techniques

Home Improvement Project Techniques Let's see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest information from house renovation specialists. House renovation projects can be heavy on the pockets. Home improvement methods can help do-it-yourself enthusiasts make the most of their home enhancement jobs. In general, the majority of people who undertake […]

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