Home improvements planning for spring.

  Winter, sooner or later is going to come to an end and you will be looking at some projects around your house or Home that will need either some painting or carpentry work.
 condo walls just painted
condo living room dining room painted
· full-service House painting or condo painting is our main service  we offer a complete professional (since 1979) home decorating. Painting a few key rooms in your home can make a world of difference. To give your living space a totally fresh and new feel consider painting your most frequented rooms such as your living room, den, kitchen and powder room and possibly entranceway. You will feel like you’re walking to a new home.
Interior carpentry
Interior carpentry
· interior carpentry work, replacing baseboards and doors and window frames plus install crown moldings and it wooden bookshelves and custom shelving and bookcases. If you have been looking at your old fashion baseboards doors and door trim possibly your window trim it’s a good time to replace it with new up-to-date current style profiles. Colonial 800 series profiles are very popular now and have been for quite a while. You can replace your old flat slab doors with colonial series doors which will greatly modernize your rooms and hallways.
· exterior carpen
 exterior carpentry
exterior carpentry
try is very popular spring summer and fall, deck building, deck repairs, deck staining, deck power washing and fence staining and power washing wood fences. When it comes to decks they have to be maintained to keep them in good shape. Boards eventually start and disintegrating. The longer you wait the worse it gets. Also wobbly wood stair steps should be secured for safety sake along with any wobbly or shaking wooden railings. In many cases most of these stair and railings can be secured with additional screws and bolts with just a few pieces of fresh boards installed. Deck floors and wood railings can be sanded smooth again so they feel new.
Drywall Repair stucco ceiling repair
Stucco Spray Popcorn On Ceiling
· stucco ceiling repairs and stucco ceiling removal, If you have been looking at some water stain from previously ceiling leak it might be time to prepare the stucco ceiling. Sometimes it is as little as touching up a small area of stucco with some stain resistant primer and if it blends in you are lucky otherwise the entire ceiling will have to be painted and if the ceiling is damaged to the point where it is actually structurally damaged than the drywall has to be replaced and then re-sprayed with fresh stucco texture. On the other hand some people prefer to  remove the popcorn and make a nice smooth finished flat ceiling. This is lately the preferred method, everyone wants to have a modern up-to-date looking room. This involves removing the entire stucco ceiling and then replastering it with fresh plaster then sanding   it making ready for ceiling painting .

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