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There Are All Kinds of Home  Maintenance

Recently Mississauga handyman had a job to do in the Lauren Park area in the south end of Mississauga. The homeowner was renting out a townhouse and he was between tenants and asked us to do some repairs and upgrades.

This high-end townhouse looked very nice and well-kept. After the tenant had moved out they cleaned up the place which is nice because a lot of people will not do that. But there were a few things that had to be replaced due to wear and tear and updated. When you have a nice place like this you want to put Quality accessories in such as high-end good quality shower curtain rods. you can even get shower curtain rods with slight design in them giving them a more exclusive look and that is what the homeowner/landlord is aiming for with his regular house upkeeping program with Mississauga handyman.

Changing light bulbs is a part of Home Maintenance

 home maintenance changing light bulb

house maintenance by changing light bulbs

The home was upgraded with LED lighting. These lights are excellent they light up immediately in full brightness and are available in different wattage levels and lighting levels such as daylight and warm light. These bulbs are way better than the spiral bulbs just from a few years ago. In this case not only did we change the light bulbs but the owner decided to change the fixture to a nicer more modern looking high-tech fixture.

Home Maintenance on Toilets

 another home maintenance is changing toilet seats

changing your toilet seat – another part of home improvements

The toilets were in good condition they were not running and leaking but they needed a small chain adjustment removing the slack out so the handle would feel more direct contact with the plunger. The other item was to replace the old toilet seat with a new one. This gives the rental unit a touch of class honoring the new tenants with a new toilet seat and this case it was 4 toilet seats.

Drywall Repairs

this time there was some slight drywall repairs due to water damage somehow coming from the air return grill. Don't know what caused the water to come out here but it was an old problem and there is no way detecting what it might have been. In this case it was a damage in the corner of the drywall running all the way down to the floor. What happened here was the water had actually lifted the drywall tape in the corner. It was about 6 foot length of corner tape that had loosened up and look like it was separated away from the drywall . We had to remove the  drywall  tape from the corner and clean up the corner to reinstall a fresh piece of drywall tape. We laid a thin layer of sheetrock 90 into the corner and then applied a pre-creased drywall corner  paper tape. It is much easier to make the corner by folding the paper tape before you install it into the corner and then was your fingers adjust the drywall tape evenly to make up the corner. When the drywall tape is on and stuck in position to the corner then you can move your plastering knife down evenly on both sides of the paper tape squeezing out and pushing the paper tape onto the drywall. Don't overdo it all you have to do is make sure that the color looks good and you can for sure see that the paper tape is actually glued to the plaster. Don't try to make a perfect job first go, as long as the drywall tape is in position and secure in the joint will be enough for the first coat. After the first coat of plaster has dried give the job at light sanding just to make sure that there is no bumps and humps created from the plaster knife. Now you can apply a second coat of plaster which will fill in any gaps or bumps or irregularities in the drywall or the tape. And finally for the last application you can apply a thin coat of regular drywall mud which will dry relatively quickly because it will not be very thick. All you have to do now is give a very very light sanding and it will be perfect.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

 upgrading and changing your shower curtain rod is another part of home maintenance

upgrading and changing your shower curtain rod is another part of home maintenance

Again this is a nice touch upgrading the toilet paper dispenser. Not only does it look aesthetically better but also it has no wear and tear evidence on its. All toilet paper dispensers and towel bars and even things such as cupholders which mount on the wall all have different mounting methods. Don't assume that the original accessory weather was a towel bar or toilet paper dispense had the same amount think hardware and fasteners. Some of these accessories are attached with a cleat which is screwed to the wall or cabinet with one or two screws and they could be either Robertson or Phillips screws and then the mounting bracket will attach to this. Sometimes the mounting brackets have set screws that are Allen key and sometimes they just have a straight set screw. Check to make sure that you have the proper tools to be able to perform both disassembly and assembly. If you have an accessory the requires a straight slotted set screw don't think you might not need an Allen key for the other mounting bracket.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Was replaced with the newer style medicine cabinet with  a mirror like interior. The jury was made of shiny stainless steel with glass shelving and a mirror on both sides of the door. This way when you have the medicine cabinet open you will still be able to look at yourself for whatever reason you might have to. This was quite an interesting innovation. The medicine cabinet fit in perfectly it was the right dimension and attached with screws quickly and easily sitting flat and flush to the bathroom wall. A very little bit of caulking was needed around the edges that was wiped out with a wet sponge giving a nice clean cut edge between the cabinet and the wall.

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