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Home Repair: Fix that Hole In the Drywall

Home Repair Needed To Fix Drywall. Nasty Drywall Damage this situation could be caused by anything from someone punching a hole through the wall with heavy object or something falling against the wall.[/caption]

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Home Repair:Fixed Pipes behind Drywall

Amongst one of the things that are included in home repair is is drywall repairs. As houses get older and wear and tear happens to the walls in your rooms sometimes you have to House Repair On your drywall. Drywall repairs can be anything from putting a little compound in a nail hole where picture used to hang all the way to fixing things in the wall of from doorknobs going through the wall.

Larger Drywall Repairs

This may include such things as holes cut into the wall or ceiling for plumbing exploratory searching for problems with pipes or electrical situation where electrician is looking for something behind the drywall or relocating pot lights where the old pot light hole has to be  filled and covered over, plastered and painted. When an opening has to be made in drywall the drywall should be cut in such a way that you can put the original piece back. Mississauga handyman always uses a drywall saw to cut out a laid out square or circle with a pencil and follow it all away around to cut out a piece of drywall that will be put back in afterwards. These we always do for larger pieces over 8" x8" anything smaller than that we usually use a metal mesh patch that can be bought at Home Depot store. This patch has a relatively thick metal screen that will cover the hole and be firm enough to apply plaster to. In the other case of the larger hole we place a couple of 1" x 2" long enough piece of wood behind the hole with some drywall screws and then place the original piece of drywall back into that hole in the same position as it was before removing it and then screw that onto the pieces of wood you just installed. Then you can apply some fiber tape over the joining sections of drywall to tape them back in to the original drywall. You'll probably need three coats of plaster to finish the job off.

Smaller Drywall Patch Repairs

Here if you have cracks it is wise to cover them first with plaster tape or fiber tape. If you're using fiber tape you place the tape directly over the crack and lay a thin coat of quick dry plaster compound. This is to ensure that crack one develop again. Then you can proceed up putting multiple coats of plaster over top to smooth out the repair. On smaller areas such as holes the size of a dime is a or less you can feel the hold in with some sheetrock 20 which dries in 20 minutes so you can put another coat over top of that. Don't mix the sheetrock 20 so thin it will run out of the whole give it the consistency of bread batter which is sort of a thicker material that won't seep out of the hole so easily. This is not a problem once it is dry you can remove the part that is protruding from the wall and every plaster gain now using a little bit lighter consistency of plaster to create a smooth surface.

How to Patch and Drywall Repair l:From the smallest dent to large holes, there are several ways to fix surface defects on your walls.

Source: How to Patch and Repair Drywall

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